10 Abs Exercises on the Floor (part 1: get 6 pack abs)

JUST ASK FOR A FREE ABS PROGRAMME www.incitefitness.co.uk I haven’t uploaded any videos like this for awhile. From now on I’m going to keep this channel for tutorial videos and upload all of the Bar Breakers stuff to www.youtube.com Some abs exercises that don’t need a bar or push up grips. These are good to build up some strength in your abs if you’re looking to start doing the abs exercises on a bar. I think these are as effective as the bar exercises; I use a mixture of floor and bar exercises when working my abs.
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Washboard Abs Are The BEST & Hardest Abs To Get When It Comes To The Ab Game. This Is A Video Update Of My Washboard Abs, ENJOY & Show LOVE! Skype = WashBoard6Pack My Website! www.so-much-muscle.com My Twitter! http My Facebook Page! www.facebook.com


  1. samyek14 says:

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  2. iampimpn93 says:

    thx 4 uploading this video man, ive been looking for some easy to do ab exercises without any equipment and still get good results, ill start doing these after my neck injury goes away from pull-ups… :/, and one question, were the ones where u brought ur feet to the top and touched ur toes a different type of leg lifts?

  3. asela521 says:

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  4. laxmimachamasi says:

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  5. MsAtularora says:

    hi. i like gym  fitnees…………………

  6. DylanK811 says:

    This looks intense, I’m scared to try it lol it looks like a real ass kicker.
    Speaking of ass, it looks like you butt muscles get a good work out too,

  7. InciteFitness says:

    Sorry mate, I didn’t have email access this morning. I’ve replied now! Cheers.

  8. s3abasss says:

    i emailed u for the reps and u dont respond :/ if u want  me to resend pls pm here ty

  9. these axcercises are for people with good streching & who has no back pain

  10. Irishpuma94 says:

    dang to do mostly all those things you’ll need great quadriceps or in doing those exercises you’ll definetly get them thats for sure. This looks really good ill be looking forward for the burn

  11. MCRoubel says:

    keep on the good work!
    very nice exercises !
    i´ll test them 😀

  12. InciteFitness says:

    Thanks for the comments everybody!

  13. InciteFitness says:

    My workouts are around 90% bodyweight. I use weights when do my shoulders and I do the occasional chest press with dumbbells! Other than that it’s all bodyweight.

  14. Gooneryz says:

    InciteFitness did you get that fit only using bodyweight or you use weights?Your chest looks great,how do you train it?Only pushups or you train with weights?By the way great video,these exercises are very good.I didn’t knew most of them.Thanks! 😉

  15. nice but not everyone are so flexible.. :/

  16. Good stuff!!

  17. Thanks always for the great ideas! Fantastic vid!

  18. Good video, I switch-up and do these all the time.

  19. Michael8Christian says:

    good work

  20. conditioningdaniel says:

    Very informative, lots of people going to find this highly useful.

  21. Cullenkid24 says:

    how big are your leg muscles?

  22. I love your washboard abs but when you pointed to your armpit I wanted to lunge forward and just bury my nose in there :)

  23. MadeMeMyself says:

    smilin’ for you!

  24. awesome abs!!!!!!!!!! They really look hard.

  25. Love to see your abs everytime. I wish to see you flexing your washboard for a longer time and with more zoom to your belly :-)

  26. bicepsimpressme says:

    A flexed healthy body that is full of life makes me smile.

  27. dreams4531 says:

    Awesome abs my friend !

  28. great abs–keep up the good work!

  29. Thesethlans says:

    wow fantastic phsysiq

  30. MOMENTEI says:

    awesome lean hard abs

  31. Bivolari says:

    You make me smile!

  32. Great abs !

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