10 Abs Exercises using a Pull Up Bar – Get 6 pack Abs (part 2)

Here are some more Abs exercises using a pull up bar. Part’s 3 and 4 coming soon.

www.twitter.com – holla. www.incitefitness.co.uk I’ve had a few messages asking about exercises that stengthen abs and core, so I thought I’d post this. If you’re new to the bar, perform the exercises with your arms straight to make them a bit easier. If you have any questions or are looking for help with a programme, contact me on here or through www.incitefitness.co.uk Cheers. *I’m aware that my form isn’t great in the levers – the bar so was low it was impossible to do them any better!!*


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  3. korenda2 says:

    dude thats reall easy i wish i could show you… i’ve been training now for year and so and i do some sick staff that i never belived i could so start training and youll see that you will progress real quick … but remember No PaiN nO GAIN !!!

  4. FearTygaToe says:

    what kind of gloves are those??

  5. pkarmacharya says:

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  6. spartanofolympus1 says:

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  8. gunghari says:


  9. snufulufugoo says:

    people have broken their neck walking down the street. if youre not coordinated, dont go outside. 

  10. muevetewuey says:

    you make this look so easy, but it dosen´t, auchh i have a little pain in y arms

  11. davor959595 says:

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  12. Wow dude… thats fucking intense… ill try one of them or two nyways… nice job man those pull up abs exercises are even better than regular floor abs exercises and its the fastest way to get those abs at its perfect shape no other faster way than that..

  13. ebutuoy1324354657687 says:

    1 person broke there neck trying to do 1:02

  14. how did you get down after 1:04? thumbs up if you NEED a safe way :L

  15. thecomfortisnow says:

    i would drink a lot of water after…you need water.

  16. thecomfortisnow says:

    this really works.you just gotta eat healthy!

  17. royalty986 says:

    guy in the vid is clearly the fuckin man

  18. effyouceeekay says:

    fucking gay… i can do all that properly and i dont get abs…

  19. sigamfroid says:

    these workouts will make your abs look like a Hershey’s bar

  20. SuperPavian says:

    Hey man can you tell me is whey protein good or bad ?

  21. GetzuCero says:

    IF your able to do them

  22. i cant even do one xD

  23. jamiesable1 says:

    I can do it…checkout my vids jamiesable1

  24. SuperPavian says:

    That exercise is best to make fast and strong abs !

  25. bonksmagic says:

    matrix wall run at 0:39

  26. BigRedCotter says:

    this guy is fuckin ripped

  27. erikH907 says:

    deffinetely these. doing like 50 of these will be better than 700 crunches.

  28. Kicksmile says:

    without arm muscle, u have no chance

  29. noisyriot says:

    Based on …/watch?v=VKFl6i02lvI I would say 200 of these.

  30. aidanross1995 says:

    what would be better, doing like 200 of these? or about 700 crunches per day?

  31. dogtowntrio says:


  32. therealpizzaking says:

    fuckin a

  33. TheNikola7710 says:

    you need to be ninja to preform this

  34. GamesPlayer1 says:

    LMFAO NEGATIVE 8 !!!! hahahahahahahaha

  35. its hard but if you really try every time you do it you can do a little more reps

  36. sun281jon says:

    can hardly do 2..i guess you have to have six pack abs to do the exercises to get six pack abs

  37. GOOB3000 says:

    this guy has killer strength!!

  38. GOOB3000 says:

    porn music

  39. CALICOTV301 says:

    Before trying: Haha, this loser is working out on the playground with a headband.
    After trying: Mama! Call ICU! My abs are on fiiiiiiiiiiiireeeeeeee!
    Months after trying: Abs popping up like popcorn in the microwave. You are now getting 8 dates a week as opposed to the negative 8 you did before

  40. mmcakes100 says:

    Illa J – Sounds Like Love (beat by the masterful late J Dilla – RIP)

  41. Yeah lol. I just went through the same experience. I can barely do the things he does for even half as long.

  42. Michael7071000 says:


  43. Before trying: Wow, this guy is strong. After trying: Fucking shit this guy is STRONG.

  44. fermerwuvu says:

    haha =D and i dont get hunted =P

  45. ProspectiveProphet says:

    If i pulled this shit in my park, I would either 1.get beat up 2. videotaped/photographed posted to facebook 3. shot.

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  47. Song is “Sounds like love” by ill J feat Debi Nova
    I’ve been doing 2:06 and 2:25 good to know i’m on the right track!

  48. desertdude1234 says:

    1:35 Is when I lost all hope of ever achieving a six pack.

  49. desertdude1234 says:

    WuTangThang, that was the greatest comment I’ve ever read

  50. nuwakotthapreak says:

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