100 REP AB WORKOUT Routine – Get 6 Ripped Pack Abs!

Make sure to subscribe to my video channel and keep up to date with all my latest videos: www.youtube.com You can keep in touch with me on my blog: www.LeeHayward.com As well as on Facebook www.facebook.com This is a killer ab workout that you can add in at the end of any workout routine. It’s 100 total reps of 4 different abdominal exercises. In this video I show decline bench sit ups, leg raises, and machine crunches. But the real secret to getting shredded six pack abs is losing the bodyfat that’s covering your abs. If you get lean thin skin, your abs will pop out like nothing else. To learn how to get super lean. Check out my EXTREME FAT LOSS PROGRAM at: www.leehayward.com


  1. leemhayward says:

    That’s fine, it’s totally ok to use your hip flexors when doing sit ups. A lot of people think it’s “bad” to work the hip flexors, but they are important muscles as well. But you can try pre-exhausting your abs first with crunches first and then do your sit ups afterwards.

  2. with decline sit ups i fell like i am using my legs as well as my abs to help me get up is there any way that i can stop this

  3. s8chik101 says:

    lol I’m a girl&& I have nicer abs than any guy in my school because of Pilates hahahah

  4. does anyone know the name of the song playing at 3:05?

  5. leemhayward says:

    Newfoundland, Canada.

  6. leemhayward says:

    NO, your abs need rest days just like every other muscle group. You only need to work your abs 2 times per week.

  7. sinfuldavy0 says:

    Could you put an old argument to rest. Should you work abs everyday?

  8. Thejohnnygmm says:

    just letting ye all know, the neck one, is fine to start off, but dont always do it, it will cause neck pains and spine pains (problems) in the future, stop now, it doesnt occur straight away, you can agree or disagree just letting you know.

  9. TaCkLeZdEm says:

    Well 143 pounds isn’t much if you’re 6’1 so probably a week or 2 before you can notice your abs.

  10. shivrajvishnu says:

    good one

  11. zoltan10 says:

    hey dude, just wondering, where are you from?

  12. leemhayward says:

    You can rest between exercises for a minute or two.

  13. alonsomilon1 says:

    in between changing reps do u take a brake or are these back to back

  14. alonsomilon1 says:

    nahh do it 3 times per week u try to that rep every day and ur abs are not going to have time to heal

  15. xAxBeVaNxBx says:


  16. lobitotavito says:

    thankz man

  17. sniperguy24 says:

    is this all back to back with no rest period?

  18. leemhayward says:

    No, just do this workout a couple times a week at most. There is no need to work your abs everyday. They need rest days just like any other muscle group.

  19. leemhayward says:

    You can train heavier than this, but strive to get at least 10 reps with an ab exercise. Any heavier than that is kinda pointless.

  20. lobitotavito says:

    hey lee, is it ok to do the cable pull down crunches with more weight and less reps or do you recomend more reps with lighter weight? thats been bugging me for a while.

  21. CyraxSektor40 says:


  22. 9405288 says:


  23. Jeremybaum22 says:

    Check out my Spartacus routine on my channel! It torches fat, and gives every one of your muscles a challenge!

  24. ninjakawasaki1972 says:

    Dang.SO that means if i wanna get big it will be harder for me to get chiseled abs?

  25. leemhayward says:

    The real key to getting chiseled abs is to lose the bodyfat that’s covering them.

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