13 Years Old Want Bigger Muscles?

Question by Cronaldo121: 13 Years Old Want Bigger Muscles?
13 Years Old Want Bigger Muscles?
Rules: No Links , No Protein Or Crap Garbage Drinks, Remember Im thirteen so think about the food and my school lunch and things.I usually eat pizza’s and cookies and a gatorade but it seems to have no effect because i have a extremely fast metabolism. I want your plan not a link or video remember.

To start Im only 13 So i dont care about all the Bs and crap about im too young to be working out im sick of it. I want my muscles to fill tight shirts and not make them look weak. Anyways i need to start

Im 13 years old and 5″4 weigh 90 pounds. I want to make my arms bigger. Like the part located between your hands and elbows. Also I want to make my actual muscles bigger I want it to show so when I flex I can feel satisfied.I want a 6 pack Im skinny so shoudn’t be that hard im not fat its just i have no abs showing, I have no abs standing and when i lift my shirt, I can see a 4 pack when im sitting and i bend and flex my body so if you explain that to me.Another thing i would like to make larger is um i think their called your caffs? The muscles located behind yur knee and a little bit down yeah caffs i think. I also would acutally like to make my chest bigger.

So total i Want This.

A Chest That Will Puff Or Make me have large pecs
A defined 6 Pack(So When i lift my shirt ppl can see it easily and be proud)
Bigger Caffs(Leg muscles)
Larger Actual Arms(Between wrist and elbow)
Bigger Biceps And Triceps(Buff)

Oh and one more thing if possible when Im finally done I want my veins to stick out a bit not bulgy and unattractive just to show i have muscle

Also i want to have all or at least some off these in the MOST FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE NOTICE I SAID FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE which means i heard that a normal workout to get a 6 pack would take like A month and a half of hard work? I want half of that! Like I want to see satisfying results in a week or two max. 1 Month

Dont worry about how long you write just make me satisfyed.
Il Be back in a bit to check on your guys answers.
Remeber No Bull Just Give Me Serious Answers.

Good Luck(You Know You Want That Best Answer Award!)

Best answer:

Answer by Dan
Never gonna happen.

Seriously read over your own question and realise how unreasonable and impossible all of that is.

All of this will take so much hard work, there is no quick way of doing this. This will take years even for fully grown men.

And if you ask questions in the way you just have, you won’t get much help from people. Don’t demand that people answer your question, especially if you 13.

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  1. well I’m 16 and my routine is i go for an hour jog daily
    eat 5 small meals a day
    drink loots of water
    start of with doing smaller weights then work ur way up to bigger wights, and dont just focus on one part of your body, mix it up. focus on ur stomach one day ur pecks the next, and so on
    you have to give ur muscles time to repair.

  2. your not gonna get this fast. this takes years but being young helps cause by time your 20 you will be jacked. You need to check out bodybuilding.com and read a lot of articles. You need to count calories everday each day you dont you will lose weight. you need to get about 1 gram protein per lb of weight so if you weight 140 you need 140 grams protein. You also need to lift heavy get a gym membership and look up program called starting strength by mark rippetoes this will get you a lot stronger and bigger. you can do this workout for about half year to a year. so that will get you started

  3. You’re not getting all you want in 2 weeks or in a month. Its best to be reasonable and be patient.

  4. well first eat healthier

    since your to young to be doing weight training a running training would suit you

    step 1
    run for 30 minutes or a minimum of 4 km
    step 2
    if you can do step 1 without getting tired do 30 push ups after it
    step 3
    if you can do step 1 and 2 without getting tired do 10 minutes of jump rope (boxers also do this)

    step 1 gives you endurance and leg muscles
    step 2 gives you arm muscles and abdominal muscles
    step 3 gives you a all round workout

    the good thing of this course is ones your able to finish step 3 with ease you can scale it up

    this allows you to pick your own pace, but remember give your muscles enough rest

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