16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?

Question by BlackBelt2025: 16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?
I’m gonna be 17 in a few months and I have noticed lately that I have gotten bigger, and by that I mean fatter.

I recently weighed myself and I am almost 180. According to a BMI calculator, I am in danger of being overweight as an adult at the rate I am going.

I need suggestions for simple and effective workout routines, especially for abs and arms. Because of my genes, I have accumulated fat around my thighs and abdomen. I cannot touch my fingers around my thighs anymore, they’re that big. Anyone know how I can reduce that?

I also tend to eat until I am overstuffed, like any teenager. However, probably because of genetics, my metabolism slow isn’t as fast as everyone else’s is, so I am gaining weight. If anyone knows how to help me control my eating, that would also be helpful.

Please, I need to control this now before it gets out-of-hand. i am sick of being afriad to take my shirt off in gym class and I am sick of watching my best friends flaunt their six-packs and single digit percent body fat.

If anyone can help me, this is my summer project: to lose weight and gain some muscle so I can feel more comfortable about myself.
Ok, so where can I learn more about nutrition. I cannot afford to go to an actual nutritionist.

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Answer by BLAZER♥Giirl91
i would recommend lunges and squats for your legs/thighs
cardio is very important too

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  1. dancelover295 says:

    exercise and eat healthy. you can always try the perfect pushup. they help you get arm strength and ab work. or you could run or play any knid of sport. try this site out!

  2. i.ROFL.all.the.time. says:

    drinking water on a daily basis is a firm start.
    carry water every where with you.
    eat small portions of food. you can talk to a nutritionist. they can tell you how much calories you should intake everyday.
    also you might want to lose inches on your waist, not weight. make sure you remember that because if you get upset youre not losing weight you might get discouraged. when you work out and gain muscle thats also considered weight, so dont get discouraged!

    i have found that walking everyday works really well for me. since youre still in school, and hopefully will be for 4 more years…you should record your class lectures and then listen to them on your walk!

  3. I’m going through the exact same thing you are right now. I am also almost 180.
    Workout: I suggest loosing the fat then working on muscle. This is because of you dont want to get depressed when you see the scale go higher because of muscle gain, and you dont want to see the scale plateau (because of loss of body fat and increase in muscle). All these things can you feel unaccomplished so I suggest sticking to buring fat first, then muscle gain when the fat is lost. Also, there is no point on working on muscle when you will just get bigger, but yet look fatter than you are.
    Committing: This shouldn’t be a summer thing, it should be a life long thing. You have to work out 5 times a week to see results and eat properly. I try to control my appetite by drinking lime water, drinking lots of water,not bringing money to school, getting educated about nutrition and how it works etc. The bottom line is you need to be educated about nutrition and dieting. This is the only way to break the mold of your ignorance. The shocking facts will make you want to eat less and become healthier. I don’t know everything about nutrition, but what I do know has made me be able to make better choices for myself and others.

    If you educate yourself, you will never look at the plate of fried french fries the same way ever again. :)

  4. Daniel B says:

    Well the number one way to lose any weight is decreasing your calorie intake. By that i mean reducing the food you eat. The greatest way to do that and this is recommended by many doctors is to eat slower and smaller bites. If you eat slower it signals your stomach quicker that you have feel fuller quicker. Same with the bite size. If i ate a burger and i ate it in big pieces i would obviously finish it because it would be done faster. But if i ate it slower with small bites it would take time and there fore my stomach will realize that im full faster.

    Eating too much and too fast is the cause of bloating. So if you feel that your stomach is getting bigger i say decreasing your calorie in take is the best thing.

    Another thing for working out is, if i lets say jog everyday 1 km i wont just be losing fat from my legs. I will lose it from all over my body. My muscle will be bigger in my leg but all parts of my body will be losing weight. I also suggest walking 1 km everyday and every week you had an extra 100 M. Once you reach to 1500 M you should start jogging for 800 M then add in extra 100 M a week for 5 weeks until you feel comfortable with your speed.

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