19-Six Pack Ab Exercises-Abs Workout Routine for Men & Women-P90x

Better Than 8 Minute Abs-Best Ab Workout for Love Handles, Core & Flat Stomach-Lose Belly Fat & Get Ripped Abs Fast-Ab Ripper X & Pilates Style Links: Blog Post: www.fitnessbody4life.org Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Website: www.fitnessbody4life.org Playlists Warm ups: www.youtube.com Ab Exercises: www.youtube.com Fitness Routines: www.youtube.com Stretching Videos: www.youtube.com Fitness Advice: www.youtube.com Youtube Video of the week (Tell them that Fitness Body 4 Life sent you): Lyric Jones Links Facebook: www.facebook.com Band Camp: lyricjones.bandcamp.com Myspace: www.myspace.com Website: www.lyricjones.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Consult withyour doctor before starting any exercise program because neither Lance, nor anyone associated with Fitness Body 4 Life will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising. It is your responsibility to critically evaluate this information and with the help of your physician decide if it is appropriate for you.
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How To Get Ripped Abs In 16 Weeks (Week 1) The Abs Challenge All exercises are done in supersets. Perform 1a then move immediately to 1b and then take the recommended “rest time.” Repeat for a total of the recommended sets before moving to the next “superset.” For example, “1a” are supersetted with “1b.” Do NOT rest within the superset (between “1a” and “1b”), but rest for the recommended rest time after “1b” before repeating the superset. So it looks like this: 1a (x seconds) +1b (x seconds) + rest time (x seconds) = first set 1a (x seconds) +1b (x seconds) + rest time (x seconds) = second set (if you are doing two sets) Recommended Work Time, Rest Time, and Sets -Beginners- 15 seconds work time 35 second break in between supersets 2 sets for each superset -Intermediate- 20 seconds work time 30 second break in between supersets 3 sets for each superset -Advanced- 30 seconds work time 25 second break in between supersets 3 sets for each superset Note: Perform this workout 3x for week 1 Week 1 1a: Pushup 1b: DB Squat 2a: Chin Up 2b: Forward Lunge 3a: Shoulder Press 3b: Hamstring Curl 4a: Mountain Climbers 4b: Plank How to maximize your fat loss results: Perform interval training cardio immediately after this workout routine. Sprint for 20 seconds (70% of your max) Walk for 30 seconds Repeat for 6 rounds FREE Interval Timer To Help You Keep Track of Time www.beyondsixpackabs.com For more great resource, visit the following sites: The Most Complete Online Guide To Six Pack


  1. kingbubolot says:

    Wow! really great, simple workout routine! thanks!

  2. FitnessBody4L says:

    @yoelvix3 you should do this one for 3 weeks then switch to another ab routine.

  3. bruceeee leeerrooooyyy!!

  4. yassorra76 says:

    very nice collection, thanks for sharing

  5. hey man i just started doing your exicerse and what period of time do we have to do this for months weeks years?

  6. FitnessBody4L says:

    @tannerjaymes112 for more than 10 years

  7. tannerjaymes112 says:


  8. MrGurugashi says:

    @FitnessBody4L It makes sence to me to do it so… yeah i think it is a good idea

  9. LowkeyallLove says:

    i have those same shoes.

  10. LowkeyallLove says:

    @1567romeo twice a week. its just like any other muscle.

  11. workin out for your new Norbit movie mate? haha

  12. FitnessBody4L says:

    @1567romeo either every day or every other day

  13. how often a week should i be aiming to do this?

  14. GamesPlayer1 says:

    @FitnessBody4L I like with some music when you’re doing the exercises and lower the volume when talking :)

  15. FitnessBody4L says:

    @GamesPlayer1 do you think the no music is a good idea or bad idea?

  16. GamesPlayer1 says:

    Great ab exercises, i’ll be doing these to switch it up :)

  17. Hiyaaaa! Have you tried – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister got detailed Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of weight with it.

  18. nightfire007jb says:

    @skaterride2 As many as you can with good form and tempo in 15 sec

  19. nightfire007jb says:

    @skaterride2 As many as you can with good form and tempo in 15 sec

  20. skaterride2 says:

    i have a question how many reps of each are we suppose to do?

  21. neutermuffin says:

    i started this today after i finished the 16 weeks of the muscle building workout, gained about 13 pounds of muscle but did not lose any belly fat. This made me sweat a fuck load. thanks for this

  22. MrHealthy38 says:

    Good�I like it.

  23. iloveipods2 says:

    starting the workout tomorrow, hope all goes well!

  24. 30DayAbsChallenge says:

    You have a really nice home gym going man. Jealous!

  25. try lipo- its faster and better for you

  26. that dog made this vid more epic love the music and the dog

  27. but??? i don’t have a chin up bar

  28. madmoogle24 says:

    lol at the dog at the start

  29. @9Y0 yeah at home, its always best at home, no need to meet douchebags at the gym that one wants to punch there stupid faces

  30. @LAKH209 no it wont stop a teenager from gaining his adult height, the only way to stay small is beginning to smoke at a young age like in elementary, not sleepin 8 to 10 hours and b going to sleep late, not eating healthy, stress, doing drugs, and other buch off bad stuff that ruins the body. but no this here will make one stronger and help one live longer and not get diseases and personaly i think it will give a 15 years ond muscle and some height. hope this helps.

  31. dentpopcan says:

    man oh man, i tryed this one day and i got pulled muscles all over the place, this thing must really work! 😀

  32. this excerise looks really good for abs….but is it good for teenagers aged 15, and does it stop you growing taller

  33. This workout can be done in home right…no need of gym?

  34. all iv been doin is sit ups and ab crunhes and iv started seeing results so all that stuff is to improve other stuff or just a diffrent way to get a 6 pack. but if youjust want an easy way to get a 6 pack just do a couple of stuff not all that crap

  35. monkofdark123 says:

    i’ve started this work out, doing this the second time now, thanks arnel 😛

  36. I have just started the program, really awesome exercises. Thank you Arnel, keep up the good work!

  37. Laugh out loud….I have been working on my abs for about a year and just starting to see results.

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