3 Bizarre Ab Exercises For YOUR Summer 6-Pack

Here’s the 2nd video with my good friend Sukru and Burok, 2 pretty-boy fitness models and 2 of my good training partners. You can add them on Facebook: Artus S. Burak Aksoy Both in the Hamilton, ON area. Sukru has one of the craziest 6 packs you’ll ever see on video. He flashes them for a great shot around 4:36 minutes. Between my two good friends and I, you’ll learn 3 bizarre and challenging ab movements to get a shredded stomach for summer. Yes, even ladies can do these moves and when you combine Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (MeltFatNotMuscle.com next week, with these exercises, man oh man… you’re going to SHOCK your friends when get into a swimsuit this summer! Watch what Sukru does at 7 INSANE: Then Burok demonstrates a CRAZY “show off” exercise. Tomorrow, I got one more video of straight up 6 pack abdominal exercise. We’ll talk about early morning cardio, sugar, booze, partying and how to live a lifestyle to get YOUR ripped abs. Summer is ALMOST here!!! Questions? Post them under the video! Talk soon Vince
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  1. rajanad2068 says:

    Holla! Anyone thought about the Explosive Muscle Method (do a google search)? My buddy says it gets people to increase in strength(:

  2. dominiccross130 says:

    hey vince wat do u think of insanity !! im gettin it this june i got it recommended frm a ripped friend

  3. Loosingfat95 says:

    Great exercises! I just wounder if you think i can loos about 40 lbs in 10 week with a good diet and eating no sugar drinking no soda or alcohol and do 6 days of training every week. Im 16, 17 in 4 months. Really wonna loose those extra lbs

  4. mrsennaism says:

    how is the breathing on the hanging leg raise??

  5. legggggggggy says:

    You dont know what arnold would be proud of.

  6. SonchooBushidoToltec says:

    How Can You Lose Fat Like That?It Doesn’t matter full or empty stomack.All biochemical and organic compounds-proteins and carbs can turn into triglycerides-fat but fat can only transform into energy-waste them.And they turn into energy only in aerobic terms after your body uses atp,creatin,glycogen etc and uses fat to build atp again but it takes 18-22 min to lipolysis depends on genes of person.it needs to be cyclical movement.how you manage to this this way?

  7. FitnessCountdown says:

    alright thanks! i will try that.

  8. Mavsman531 says:

    Do it on a smith machine if you can with the bar at your back to control the swing, thats what I do.

  9. sg72792 says:

    the situation, shameless plug. hahahahaha

  10. PatrickA4555 says:

    Hey vince would this be possible and please answer this question. I have a fast metablisim and have been doing your program for 16 wks now and have blked up nicely would it take me about 7 weeks to cut or less or more please answer

  11. TheSlummydog says:

    damn.. those exercises must burn like crazy!

  12. jade9154 says:

    Man, getting serious about wanting to be ripped is so strict. No fats, no sugars. Damn!

  13. Gmoneymozart says:

    Great video. Awesome exercises!

  14. VinceDelMonte says:

    Get the fat down first. Getting show ready, I found that working my abs everyday really brought them out.

  15. ssgokuliu says:

    show you do abs everyday or wait until you get the 6 packs?

  16. FitnessCountdown says:

    VInce,…i have a little question btw…but the leg raise exercise…it’s really hard for me control the sway…like when i lft my legs 2 times…by whole body is going back and forward..how can i controll this better? @vincedelmonte

  17. VinceDelMonte says:

    Hey, thanks!

  18. FitnessCountdown says:

    nice video man!

  19. VinceDelMonte says:

    Extreme case for low body fat percentage to get those last few ounces off.

  20. garyomaany83 says:

    why on an empty stomach?

  21. oNexBaDxAngEL says:


  22. WillTheManic says:

    sukru is legit

  23. africabatic2 says:

    Why work out in the morning on an empty stumoch ?????????????? somebody please answer, i dont understand that

  24. afghanrocky says:

    its funny the way vince breaths and gets pissed off when he cant complete the sets

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