3-Min Home Ab Workout: Crunches & Leg Raises for 6-Pack Abs

www.HugoRivera.net – 3-Min Home Ab Workout Crunches & Leg Raises for 6-Pack Abs. Become a fan: www.facebook.com If you think that you need fancy equipment or all of the time in the world to get 6-pack abs, think again! With this 3-minute home abdominal workout that consists of bicycle crunches, regular crunches and leg raises you can get 6-pack abs in no time. You will be performing all abdominal exercises one after the other with no rest in between sets. Only rest 30 seconds after the leg raises. Here is your 3-minute home ab workout: Triset: Bicycle Crunches 2 sets of 10-30 repetitions concentrating on form (no rest) Crunches 2 sets of 10-30 repetitions concentrating on form (no rest) Leg Raises 2 sets of 10-30 repetitions concentrating on form (30 sec rest) If you have more than 3 minutes to work your abs you can do as much as 3-5 sets of each exercise. Again, remember to concentrate more on form and exercise execution than on the amount of repetitions. Finally, like I have said many times, being able to display your six pack is completely depending on the amount of body fat that you carry. Thus, while this ab workout will get your abdominal muscles hard and in shape, you need to burn the body fat off. How do you burn the body fat? By using the right fat burning diet. Here is a fat burning diet that you can use in order to be able to show off your abs: www.hugorivera.net If you liked this video, remember to hit the LIKE button below and also feel free to share it with
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  1. mandargv1 says:

    Awesome video Hugo.. thumps up..!!

  2. captnemo315 says:

    good video. great techniques for home

  3. metallicaknot1 says:

    if I do these exercises every day the abs are well defined, how long? please reply

  4. Fitange says:

    awesome video thanks. by the way I think you are HOT!

  5. liko098 says:

    wow amazing I did this for my first (I have done another persons ab work out) yours is amazing for 3 minutes I am burning my abs and I can feel it. Keep this videos up I really enjoy them motivates me to keep my workouts.  Pushing the like button :)

  6. HugoRiveraFitness says:

    Three times a week is just fine


  7. jktheisen says:

    Should I do this everyday, twice a day, or every other day?

  8. HugoRiveraFitness says:


  9. HorrorQueen1016 says:

    Great one. I posted it to my FB for other peeps to check out!

  10. HugoRiveraFitness says:


  11. chadthebest1234 says:


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