6 Pack AB Workout Routine !!!!!!!!

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  1. Starscream2315 says:

    @redcross123ify dude just eat more times a day.. Generally six and when u lift weights lift heavy weights.

  2. redcross123ify says:

    Hey man,
    I use soybean chunks as a meat substitute and i eat 3 meals a day, im generally fit but i want to get ripped and build mass, can you help me out

  3. Oh hey! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my mate got great Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of weight with it.

  4. Fazioenterprise says:

    @eddieVxV hey i have changed things up alot since and found more effective exercises for ab training, the vid was mostly just freestyle ab stuff on the bar. For a real ab workout i would recommend situps on a decline bench with or without holding weight, but go fully up or fully down to keep in a range where theres always tension on abs. Crunches on a swiss ball. Hanging knee raises too.

  5. im pretty sure i cant do that is there any way to train myself to do that like to
    get to that level on a pull up bar.
    what other work outs can i do to help do this?
    plz answer thank you.

  6. proto6matrix says:

    Stay off the ground? I couldn’t do this even if I was laying on the floor

  7. xxxtsnowman420xxx says:

    thats fucking nuts i cant do that haha, badass song i love all that remains

  8. This kid is fucking strong

  9. theshikuflare says:

    My abs are like this guys abs… They are really close to coming out. I’m 14 and im looking for a good ab workout. I might order the insanity workout

  10. so where is the routine? how many days/week?

  11. AburameOShino says:

    Thanks man, this workout is great! Finally I found a perfect lower ab workout which didn’t hurt my back and made me actually feel how my lower ab is under pressure. Lots of respect for you!
    I would love to see some more workout videos for ab, thanks.

  12. ImTheWhitestKidUKnow says:

    Wow. Awesome. Crazy shit man. I’ve been doing this workout for 2 weeks….along with my other workouts, taking creatine daily and I’ve gained 10 pounds & I’ve really noticed a difference in my abs. Thanks!

  13. CODGOD321BOOM says:

    @yairoka every other day is the best to let your abs repair and form great shape.

  14. @ashtonag Ok thanks… it’s just that I’ve been doing situps every day (which is wrong i know) and even in a wrong way.. not intensive enough but pretty long.. and I’ve got quite a trained sixpack… it’s being covered with fat in the moment because I’m focussing muscle growth.. I think I should eat a bit less… even if some people say that eating is important.. I prefere having a good shape than just muscles. But maybe they are just runner abs.

  15. @yairoka 1) His bodyfat is too high. 2) If you want big abs you gotta work it out like any other muscle. Hit it hard and give it plenty of rest and EAT a lot. You won’t grow if your not eating enough. But if you want small abs like a runner has, this would be a good workout for you. This kinda workout is more geared towards cardio so your going to be gaining minimal muscle mass. To get BIG you gotta lift big and eat big. A lot of endurance training here tho. Just depends on your goals.

  16. HiveTyrant96 says:

    man ur not human! i wanna c something for ppl of earths abs

  17. why do some musculous people like you have less muscles on the stomach? or are they just flat or covered with fat?

  18. Fazioenterprise says:

    @MrChuckles099 yes off the ground. These were mostly lower ab exercises. For upper abs i recommend sets of 100 crunches.

  19. MrChuckles099 says:

    Do you stay off the ground while doing these or do you touch the ground

  20. 23nathan16 says:

    nice bro rele nice whats the type of foods you eat?

  21. Fazioenterprise says:

    @ryguy910 thanks!!!!! no military, just camo shorts…. 😀

  22. Good shit man. Military?

  23. ColinJDino says:

    Vary respectable!

  24. Fazioenterprise says:

    @MrRaul54 hey thanks! That was mostly a lower ab routine.

  25. Anyone who thinks this routine is easy or not effective is either a moron or a lyer. Respec to the poster.

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