6 pack/abs for a girl sick or fine?

Question by hkm_cheer: 6 pack/abs for a girl sick or fine?
Okay this is just a general question. If a girl had a rank six pack would that be disgusting? and what if it wasn’t that bad it was just nice abs? Just wondering cuz i do ab exercises and I’m slowly getting abs ha and i really don’t want to look gross!

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Answer by my underwear
Ah, hot abs – go for it!

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  1. Very sexy

  2. ∞Margie∞ says:

    Its kind of gross, but thats just me. I get grossed out by bulgy muscles. A lot of guys think that it is hot though.

  3. backflip.val says:

    thats HOT.

  4. 6 pack on a girl is kinda gross.

    Abs are ok (like the ones on britney when she was 16)

  5. You need to burn off the fat on top of the 6 pack for it to show the way you would want it to be. Do as much cardio as you can and eat around 1200 calories if you want to lose weight.

  6. sabrina yo! says:

    If they are extremely defined, like manly defined- i think it is kind of odd looking. But if you like the look, go for it! It takes a lot of works to get abs though, so i admire you for getting them 😛

  7. MORAL CANCER says:

    Guys like the hours glass shape
    curves are one thing that major car companies know sales to guys.
    So keep a small waist and you should be good.
    I think it’s hot when your abs are tight but don’t have lines

  8. Living in the Age of Orton says:

    If a girl literally has abs, where they stick out, I don’t find that attractive personally, but I respect the girl, because I know she probably worked hard. A flat, toned stomach is perfect.

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