6 Week 6 Pack System, Get 6 pack abs for summer!

www.6weeksixpack.com and http brings you this full 6 week summer body 6 pack challenge to get your ripped for summer! If you want 6 pack abs this year and want to be the one everyone else looks at then you do not want to miss this 100% free 6 pack system!


  1. MrDaniel1821 says:

    I signed up for it yesterday and its been 24 hrs yet i still havnt been sent an email starting me off…….

  2. Hey there! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my buddy got really defined Six pack abs and lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  3. justmykmusic says:

    it’s good to hear a voice from home! looking forward to this

  4. Haroasiankitty says:

    can i still do this?

  5. @moricestreet909
    I was injured for about 1 1/2 month and wanted to ask if this 6 week 6 pack programm is good to build up muscles or which one would you recommend. I’m a skinny guy.
    My second question is will I still get the programme if i sign to the site, because I want to do it anyway sometime.

  6. MrJustListeningMusic says:

    @YouGayNerd i totally agree with ya

  7. is this still doable now or am i to late?

    if i can get a 6 pack before September ill be happy

  8. Nice video and i really wanna join

  9. that is cool

  10. 3SnakeSolid says:

    Do i specifically need to be like 18+ years old or can i also be like 15 years old to participate ? 😀

  11. LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

    i’m 5’6 1/2 how many pounds should i be to get a 6 pack?

  12. moricestreet909 says:

    @AAX2dreadamro Yip take it and send it to my e-mail. You can find that on our website

  13. AAX2dreadamro says:

    how can iwin it?? :/ should i take a before and after pictures?? if i did hw should i send it to u??

  14. timbrandon94 says:

    @moricestreet909 ok, ive workouts with your method given and ive found out it quite hard for 1st time. and ive sweat quite alot and feel fresh next morning. all i can say is the workouts really work. thx.

  15. i got 17% bodyfat is it possible to do it in the next 6 weeks ( i work out 3-4 days a week)

  16. khanevor1234 says:

    @moricestreet909 Ok, I have a little bit of fat and would like to lose a little bit more and make my abs visible. I’ve done a lot of cardio and weight training in the past few months and seeing some results. In order to get a six pack, where do you think i should start from?

  17. moricestreet909 says:

    @timbrandon94 It will come down to your bodt fat %, not your hight or weight.

  18. moricestreet909 says:

    @runlildoggy lol Thanks. What does the file say? Or does the PDF not open at all or have you not yet unzip it?

  19. moricestreet909 says:

    @khanevor1234 Depends where you start from. Some people will get 6 packs, some will lose a lot of fat.

  20. moricestreet909 says:

    @PIcKLez9eh4 For the 6 Week Six Pack? If you sign up you will get them starting Monday 25 April.

  21. timbrandon94 says:

    Hi, I’m 5’9 ft and about 200 lbs, can I get 6-packs abs in 6 weeks doing the same effort like yours?

  22. yomomisjesus says:

    Hey Peter, im a girl, can i join too?

  23. runlildoggy says:

    I downloaded the file, and the suggested software to open it, but it still won’t work! Any help?
    P.S Love the accent haha

  24. khanevor1234 says:

    Will this get you six pack abs in six weeks? I weigh 112Ibs, I signed up for this and I’m going to use the 7 day weekly system that I downloaded form you. I’m starting this program this Monday :)

  25. PIcKLez9eh4 says:

    where doyou get the workouts..?

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