8 Min Home Abs Workout (Level 1, No Music)

www.passion4profession.net workout 8 Min Home Abs Workout, how to get six pack (with no music). You can add any soundtrack you like most yourself. The workout has been designed to train the abdominal muscles (abs). It suits both men and women. There are no particular requirements for this module; you just need to know how to properly perform the exercises involved. Version with music: www.youtube.com . Abs Workout Level 2 (advanced) – www.youtube.com . and Level 3 (even more advanced) – www.youtube.com . PROGRAM Perform this workout every second day (eg Mon-Wed-Fri) for at least two weeks. Then you’ll be ready to perform the next level of this workout. Good Luck to get six pack! HOW THIS WORKOUT WORKS 1. Working aerobically on your abdominal muscles for over 7 minutes stimulates the capillaries in this area. These in turn increase the blood flow. 2. A greater blood flow means a greater flow of oxygen – and fat only burns in the presence of oxygen. 3. Toned muscles need more calories (kcal) to stay active. Our organism tends to release these calories from the area near the active muscles. So it burns fat in that area. HOW TO USE THIS WORKOUT 1. The module is designed to work the abdominal area ‘aerobically’. Performing it straight after an aerobic workout (eg: running, spinning, swimming or other aerobic activities) will improve the positive effect. 2. Learn the instructions for each exercise of this workout. Ensure you perform exercises properly. 3. Pay attention on the


  1. GoldenGryphon1 says:

    my neck is killing me those workouts are for neck or abs? lol :)

  2. MsSara257 says:

    I am 14 can I do that ??????????

  3. WeronisieQQQ says:

    Is it really working ?

  4. MissTrevelyan says:

    no you need to eat if you wanna train your muscles ;D

  5. Joe Marcos says:

    awesome! send me some pics

  6. oscardc5 says:

    time to get murder by this

  7. MrHugito7 says:

    flew like your taking a shit for 5 seconds?

  8. MrLucian3525 says:

    I am 13 years old, i can do level 2 abs workout and almost level 2 chest workout.

  9. 30secondsMusic says:

    you only do level 1?

  10. rubenciencia says:

    I have 14 years old, can I do those exercises?

  11. INsyyOfficial says:

    Thumbs up if you skipped last exercise 😀

  12. lukaucha says:

    feels good… but it’s working?:D

  13. SeaSunLexx says:

    it huuuurts! haha 😀 nice workouts ;D

  14. dustin36great says:

    is it fine if it hurts my back more than i feel it on my abs?! 

  15. NSNIlove says:

    dude this fing killls my abbs!

  16. SuperBBhype says:

    keep going man, have you tried the chest one before haha fucking kills

  17. newfag93 says:

    Watched the video, thought it looked easy. Tried it without the 30 second rest. Worst decision I’ve ever made. This is the best ab workout I’ve come across.

  18. TheYoungstars7 says:

    i watch the video , before i go to gym , and i think you can get a sixpack , that you can feel in 3 weeks , i skip this workout in Gym , its fucking awesome !

  19. RomanMrkvn says:

    tell me please is it okay to perform it in the morning before breakfast when a stomach is empty and i feel hungry.

  20. TheSpiderVision says:

    I think it’s quite normal if your neck is a bit stif after this..

  21. 22beniboy says:

    Perform this workout every second day (e.g. Mon-Wed-Fri) for at least two weeks. Then you’ll be ready to perform the next level of this workout.
    Good Luck to get six pack!

  22. Youtna1001 says:

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  23. ainulikinyaqin says:

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  24. bir0610 says:

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