8 Minute Abs

www.getrippedabs.net The Best Way To Get Six Pack Abs Windsor Pilates 8 Minute Abs Enjoy :)
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  1. Narunaru65 says:

    Lol, I did this shit everyday from March 28th to June 1st back in 2009. I was in shape for summer. Thanks for the upload

  2. suprafiend111 says:

    last 30 seconds…10 more seconds. wtf?

  3. HolyGhostFiree says:

    @tfou3lik LOL!!!

  4. HolyGhostFiree says:

    @rwatsonmusic LOL!!!

  5. rwatsonmusic says:

    I always turn the volume as close to off so my mom doesn’t think i’m watching 80’s porn

  6. blazindragon9 says:

    He’s got mojo

  7. MsEgeltje says:

    @jurciks71 “nice and tight!” definitely porn music.

  8. jurciks71 says:

    Porn music :D

  9. tfou3lik says:

    wanna get up and sing gospel when you hear him say “aaand release”

  10. Tescanna says:

    If you know it by heart,
    you’re working out hard 😉

  11. axxachannel says:

    nice`n`easy :)

  12. deviantstudio says:

    18 years old video. still the best.

  13. LOXMYTHIC says:

    I think I had this video on VHS.

  14. Hannah Martin says:

    It really hurt my neck to begin with but you have to make sure your on a softish floor and instead of looking forward at your screen look to the ceiling! It really does work but I literally hear that music everywhere now.

  15. NightowlStudio says:

    Feels like my neck has gotta get into more shape than my abs. I’ll just think of it as 2 work outs in 1.

  16. TheZaytv says:

    I dont care what no one says. This shit works

  17. spillz619 says:

    oh shit the illuminati!

  18. MissBugaboo97 says:

    It hurts my neck like crazy, but I keep on trying!

  19. this video made me realize that i’ve never ever used the muscles in my neck before.

  20. Slamajamaize says:

    When it hurts just remember: NO PAIN NO GAIN!

  21. thejunkiemonkey says:

    Say what you want about the effectiveness of this.

    12 Million views shows that alot of People are coming back for more (Myself Included)

  22. Thumbs up if you think this one is more efficient than P4P’s

  23. caskofdregs says:

    Has anyone heard of the Jupiterian Abs Program? You can go do a Google search for it.. my cousin tried it and he now he has pretty ripped six pack abs.

  24. eliteonekill says:

    @cvetkovics I meant do them at the same time, so you still have a full day to recover. That’s what I do.

  25. UndefinedLove990 says:

    @Marksmancloud Riigghht?!

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