A good excercise routine for me?

Question by lol: A good excercise routine for me?
Well im 16 and almost 145 pounds, i workout like 3 times a week in school and its usually strength training. I have quite good arms so far but i wanna make them a bit bigger.
But thats not my problem.
I want to get a six pack in about 2 – 3 weeks.
I have a bit of fat over my stomach and i noticed i gained a bit of weight over the last few weeks, because in september i had a 6 pack but it was not really defined.
Now i need to get my sick pack back.
Im trying to do all my workouts and cardio over the break.
Any good routines to do? and excercises to keep me going everyday?
and what about nutrition and eating habits?
Any good advice about abs routine excercises would help.
I need advice about how much cardio i should do ( mostly jogging) and abs excersices
I dont exactly want to loose weight. I wanna loose fat and gain muscle

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Answer by tennislover
keep doing what your doing…
but u need to train your abs everyother day for 5-10 mins
using weight resistance exercises

rope pull down on knees
holding a weighted plate to your chest
ab machine resistance exercise

3 sets of each

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  1. There is a lot of misinformation out there, but I looked all over the place before I finally found a program that works.  I tried this myself, and with a little discipline it really worked – I went from being chunky all over to being trim, fit and with a great set of six pack abs.  Check this out:
    Good Luck!

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