Ab ripper six pack abs workout progress

bicepflexing.blogspot.com http Showing my six pack abs from the ab ripper workout to inspire people to start getting into a workout routine to gain muscle and six pack abs.
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  1. Oh hello! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my auntie got really defined 6 pack abs and lost a lot of weight with it.

  2. KiwiJeevas says:

    OMG i envy you
    wat ab exercises do u do?

  3. blondteenboys says:

    mmmm strong and wilde

  4. Kyle7ful says:

    your body looks nice now work on your face you look scruffy shave it or go to the barber

  5. robotics1974 says:

    i love you baby

  6. mustic1234 says:

    wow, you look hot!!

  7. love you man.

  8. jimmypop1222 says:

    Dusw your almost showing a little to much in that vid lol

  9. Have I said ridiculous, before? Ridiculous. Keep it up.

  10. marcusdobem says:

    You my IDOL…sephvalarius…go to BRASIL man…

  11. xBabydrinka718x says:

    you take my breath away!

  12. cjpnkrp15 says:

    like a young Mark Wahlberg

  13. great man!!!!


  15. Ok, nice. But you need to flex!

  16. slavemutt says:

    damn youre looking great! maybe you could do a vid showing your abs exercises?
    great inspiration!

  17. ronnie411 says:

    Another triumph in your ab development!!

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