AB-session. Secrets to a Six-Pack

For the first time, champion fitness model and competitor, Rob Riches, reveals his entire ab workout, in what is perhaps the most detailed and descriptive Ab Workout DVD available to buy. Learn how to do each exercise properly, and feel muscles that you’ve never felt worked before. If you only take away half of what is in this DVD, then you will end up with a six-pack like never before! You can order the full 60 minute DVD showing all the exercises in full here: www.robrichesstore.com

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  1. SuperSayanFitness says:

    secret to get abs : get on a clean diet tapering off carbs at the end of the day and then go do some exercises´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  2. 2:50 …that can’t be good for your lower back?if i do that exersise its a killer for my´╗┐ back :/

  3. zionlion36 says:

    It would be a bum if I knew rob uses steroids. I got nothin against steroid users but Im a natural bodybuilder´╗┐ myself and he is my inspiration.

  4. rob looks better here than he does now adays, reason being cause rob’s career is taking off re media, interviews, etc. and he is less focused on being a fitness model, which is why he probably didnt win his latest fotness model´╗┐ contest

  5. WinningTheComp1 says:


  6. WinningTheComp1 says:

    What the hell´╗┐ is goku supermode stage one ?

  7. TheDonnBot says:

    he looks photoshopped´╗┐ haha

  8. bruizer1100 says:

    is jay cutler drug free??´╗┐

  9. mssprudvi says:

    i like ur body u r my trainer i wanna talk´╗┐ 2 u

  10. @Shizzlecrads But does that also mean they grow faster if you train them everyday´╗┐ or not?

  11. Shizzlecrads says:

    Abs are different to´╗┐ other muscles, they can be trained every day. (:

  12. Hey Rob, I was wondering about something.
    I read your´╗┐ blog in which you state that you should exercise your abs 3-5 days.
    Does this mean 3-5 days every week?
    And if so, is that really true, because I have always been taught that muscles need at least one day to recover.

  13. moneyman237952 says:

    i love this guy´╗┐

  14. samurai7411 says:

    @cocko999 I think he is trying´╗┐ to do cable flys without staggering his feet…. What a moron! haha nice catch btw

  15. elitedefense72 says:

    5:05 the personal trainer behind him in all black having the guy in blue do worthless leg swings and stuff doesn’t dare take´╗┐ off his shirt around Rob baby!! haha

  16. CCRfan22 says:

    @1elastik What makes you think he’s not natural? Watch his workout videos but also watch his nutrition videos. The man doesn’t put´╗┐ a single thing in his body that is not good for him. Everything he does is to better his health and his physique. He does this for a living and he’s pretty damn good at it. Not everyone needs steroids to get a good body.

  17. 1elastik says:

    haha,if you’re a lifetime natural,i’m´╗┐ obama’s brother….and i’m white

  18. breakdancer100 says:

    I´╗┐ was gay for 10 mins

  19. PlayaAlbi says:

    @cbo1003 4,5? ure closer´╗┐ to death then fat people when u keep dat nearly over a year

  20. sebaswildboy says:

    @khaled8567 true´╗┐

  21. joshgaus says:

    Hey Rob, I was wondering what is the best type of cardio and the best time and conditions in which to do it in. I am fourteen´╗┐ and i already have pretty chiseled abs, but i am quite a perfectionist so i would like to work my physique up to your level( which is hard..but possible). It is hard for someone my age to change their diet much, so i need a form of cardio that will compensate for that. I hope you or someone else here can help me. Thanks for all of your videos, they have been a big help.

  22. cocko999 says:

    whats that idiot doing behind you at´╗┐ 2.05

  23. bigvai1993 says:

    he has the perfect body, not too big, just extremely cut´╗┐ and lean

  24. khaled8567 says:

    secrets´╗┐ to get the six pack abs???
    no secrets to get abs its very simple sane 1 2 3
    eat a bit less train a bit more drink a lot of water
    abs are free…………………..

  25. 300073605 says:

    @joshgaus´╗┐ obliques

  26. BlackBuddha777 says:

    I bet you´╗┐ he’s good in the bed…yummy

  27. SoAwesomeist says:

    Yeah! That program at the site
    rocks!! I only had it for a week now
    and I can see a change in my mid
    section! Its pretty amazing! It works
    best if you´╗┐ had abs before though
    its all about muscle memory..:))

  28. BBlivefeeds says:

    Mmmm.. he has really´╗┐ nice legs.

  29. Ferrari94able says:

    1 questiion if i have much´╗┐ fat on my stomach can i get 6 pack then? plzzzzzzz answer:)))))))))))))):)))))))

  30. TheBieberfan42 says:

    your workouts are great!! thx soo much :)´╗┐

  31. hafizk941 says:

    Hi! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cooworker´╗┐ got hot 6 pack abs and lost a truck load of of fat with it.

  32. shafiul580hgyt says:

    Alright there! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my father got really defined 6´╗┐ pack abs and lost a lot of belly fat with it.

  33. shafiul580hgyt says:

    This is a´╗┐ Nice video. It is a enjoyable video. I enjoy it.

  34. babiistaah says:


  35. Why are you not famous´╗┐ for this stuff?

  36. SixPackAbs077 says:

    cool videos!´╗┐ i enjoyed watching it..

  37. Conduit says:

    @2471WeRock wow ! are´╗┐ you serious?

  38. seang313 says:

    hey guys im trying to get a six pac so i work out allot and im only 14 ,,does anyone´╗┐ have any ideas on how to avoid a hernia ?

  39. Flexmeister says:

    i like hoe the dog opened the door with his nose´╗┐

  40. Nazilyagasanova1993 says:

    you are soo cutee!)!) And your exercises work))´╗┐

  41. 2471WeRock says:

    i did this for 40 days went baq 2´╗┐ school nd no 1 knew me lol

  42. thanks´╗┐ for a great video :)

  43. MegaSynchronicity says:

    And funny!´╗┐

  44. MegaSynchronicity says:

    Your dogs´╗┐ are so cute!

  45. mayavlim says:

    That dog…:-D´╗┐ Curious and sweet!

  46. Muslim4Eternalife says:

    you´╗┐ sir are my role model
    your awesome!i!i!
    arnold schwarzenegger aint got shit on this guy haha

  47. geminiwoe104 says:

    bird dogs..´╗┐

  48. mezpezlez says:

    Lets finish with this….If your gonna attempt to give viable advice, dont treat the´╗┐ person like an idiot…and if you cant do that, just stfu.

  49. gurubaba95 says:

    Your dog’s Really cute …………wish i had a dog like that :D´╗┐

  50. forsaken3400 says:

    lets start with this… your a fucking idiot….

    focus on putting muscle mass not gaining abs

    google discussbodybuilding.. you’ll learn a lot from that forum.. and i´╗┐ don’t wanna see dumbass comments like this again

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