“Ab Stacking” Exercise The Fastest Way to 6 Pack Abs!

Get “6 Pack Abs” Here: athleanx.com Most people attempt to get “6 Pack Abs” by doing regular “ab exercises”. The problem is that your abs have become so accustomed to doing regular “ab exercises” that you simply can’t get the results from them that you once did. That is where ab stacking exercises come in. Ab stacking exercises are those that make your entire body participate in the move to not only activate your abs more but to get you to develop a set of “6 pack abs” quicker. Let celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere show you how to get an impressive “6 Pack” by using his unique ab stacker exercises. See how exercises straight from the workouts that pro athletes use every day to get ripped and ready to play at their best can get you the abs of your dreams quick! Learn the entire system at http for getting six pack abs fast and build 100% lean muscle at the same time that you burn fat. Get AthLEAN today!


  1. XxghostxX74 says:

    @Teamsicoticreverse what u do for u 8 pack

  2. TeamSicoticReverse says:

    @broadcast3ful im 5″4 5″5 ish and i weigh 123

  3. broadcast3ful says:

    @TeamSicoticReverse thats great and btw how tall are you and how much do u weigh ?

  4. anthonycheang1234567 says:

    @TeamSicoticReverse wow :O thats amazing dude !

  5. TeamSicoticReverse says:

    @anthonycheang1234567 ive been working on my abs ever since i was in 4th grade and im in 7th grade… and im happy cuz it payed off

  6. anthonycheang1234567 says:

    @TeamSicoticReverse ummm… is it cuz ur skinny? cuz for ur age, thats pretty crazy if u trained for it…

  7. TeamSicoticReverse says:

    thanx cuz im only 12 about to turn 13 and i have an 8 pack

  8. lloydmitchellnineone says:

    @afarius It’s so you can see the way the muscles move and react to the exercises, plus if you had an awesome body you’d want to show it off wouldn’t you? I sure as hell would haha

  9. I bang it with crunches in the gym. I tried to do these and can safely say this is a serious abs routine. Highly recommended.

  10. Very good video, great exercise, I cannot understand the reason he is doing these exercises with no shirt..oh well Great anyway

  11. anuszkiewiczb says:

    how many sets/reps should you do if incorporated in an ab routine?

  12. Can’t wait to try this!

  13. @chubbymedic1 yeah! lol i think hes awesome

  14. SixPackAbs077 says:

    awesome video!

  15. @superwilksful It depends on your own personal ability – Another 14 year old might be alot stronger than you.

  16. gpverducci says:

    that looks dynamicly good man, im gonna give it a go!

  17. @izakaru009 plus the intro’s have awesome music

  18. gokue55555 says:

    i love the intro, some should make a dub step remix!!!!! :)

  19. crazykorean2268 says:

    @superwilksful I would just pick light weights, then go to failure. then increase weight little by little

  20. crazykorean2268 says:

    so unique!

  21. this one is great but very hard…

  22. 2656gmoney says:

    @iQligt u skip it its not that hard

  23. superwilksful says:

    hey your videos are great, im 14, and what weight kg and reps would be most suitable for me?

  24. Jakobguldager says:

    I love the intro.. and if ppl dont like it they can just skip it?

  25. trithon2010 says:

    as simple as leaving the video loading.. skip the intro part and go directly to Jeff’s explanation… that’s what i always do… no big deal…

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