Ab Workout ( 6 pack abs ) [ ab exercises for ripped abs ]

www.youtube.com A freerunning clip video… 1. Basic Crunch- 2.Twist Up 3.Push Through- 4.Left side Crunch- 5. Right side Crunch- 6. Up and Twist- 7. Leg Raises- 8. Leg Tucks- 9. 90 Degree Ankle Touch- 10. Right Crossover Crunch- 11. Left Crossover Crunch- 12. Kick Ups- 13. Head Raises- 14. Scissors- 15. Left crossover twist- 16. Right crossover twist- 17. Head leg crunch- 18. Alternating Shoulder Lifts- 19. Hoover- 20- 180 Degree Ankle Touches- 21- Side bends- 22- Alternate Leg Tucks- 23- Alternating Push Throughs- www.myspace.com
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  1. qualityabz says:

    @Youngy585 Lol Idiot

  2. i can do 3 of these workouts straight after another. doing this 3 time a day for months and months. i should be looking like him in no time.

  3. mshrenik100 says:

    it looks hard but its actually easier..i can fo it thrre supersets thrice a week!!

  4. KarnivalKidd says:

    Do this with a workout with a partner….standing infront of you! * Giggity! *

  5. What is a HOOVER?!

  6. spartan445544 says:

    @skainz naww some of us are fit, we actually came to this video to follow along , you know, we’re not all like you, we dont troll about others, we do the workout.

  7. thats fuckin nuts couldnt even finish it;

  8. gangstaboff says:

    yo man, thanks for the video. if i could just ask you to change the settings so it allows playback on ipad. Thanks dude.

  9. gdmrpunkid says:

    My neck is sooo strong.. that i might lift an elephant right now

  10. zombiesunleash says:

    how much a week should we be doing this exercise????? plz help

  11. viaDubstep795 says:

    Only 4,100,352 views? I thought I did these workouts more than that.

  12. 4 million fat people watched this video

  13. HaroMaster249 says:

    @itsbrunoable i thought i was doing well and it said head leg crunch and i couldnt do them lol

  14. @vansky31 seems like the type of exercises i need…..my gut is my enemy the rest of me i am cool with. Glad to here someone on here has actually tried these. They do look effective….guess its time for me to get started on these.

  15. powysss123 says:

    @JuruLiutas px bet graziai atitidirbes su kunu. Siaip mldc tutorialas

  16. JuruLiutas says:

    he is hiding his legs couse he focused on upper body and his legs dont have any muscule LOL :DDD

  17. neonlights777 says:

    Best Ab video on youtube! thanks!

  18. itsbrunoable says:

    is it normal if you get to the head leg crunch and can’t get your back off the ground, lol…

  19. Hassiumstone9 says:

    Thank you for your helpful video, have you heard for smart599workout, I heard so many amazing thinks about that abs workout. My friend got six pack abs but he doesn’t want to tell me how he did that Sorry

  20. SammyBoy757 says:

    @SPEDproductions oh ok thanks! :)

  21. SPEDproductions says:

    @SammyBoy757 from what ive read there is no such thing as working the “lower abs.” when doing excersizes such as this you are working all of your core. its just harder to get the lower abs to show. but to get them to come out you have to do more cardio.

  22. StillShiningTV says:

    he did this wid no rest time.. props!

  23. How long for results?

  24. 19inkorrect91 says:

    it feels good to be ripped


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