Abs Exercises without Crunches – Part 1

www.maxworkouts.com – Shin Ohtake demonstrates how to perform ab exercises without crunches. With one simple equipment ab wheel, stimulates all of your abdominal core muscles including your rectus abdominus, internal obliques, external obliques and transverse abdominus. These ab exercises work the abs functionally to tighten and firm your stomach without injuring your low back. Shin Ohtake highlights major points that can help you progress using the ab roller ab wheel to help you get tight, lean six pack abs.
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  1. TheSpudddyy says:

    how often should you use the ab wheel

  2. godanddevilsucks says:

    have you tried …..push ups with the roller….instead of ab rollers?

  3. chenelius says:

    just tried this and think i broke my nose

  4. tarakidiba says:

    Hello there! Have you tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF got really defined 6 pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  5. TheMaethai says:

    well,i think it’s not so hard at all(of course-depends on individual physical level) i think more important is-to use many different excersises for abs,so your abs can gain equally! i can do about 200 regular reps for abs,so 50 reps with this is not a big problem for me.abs are not like back muscles or big leg muscles-you CAN train abs every day & again-in MANY diff ways…!

  6. garciaozzie7 says:

    Thanks Shin….Im getting your book. Love your workouts. 

  7. garciaozzie7 says:

    5 reps looks difficult…..50 reps sounds crazy. How long did it take you to reach those reps?

  8. Jakeyboy2128 says:

    what if your strong enough to do the advanced way but not flexible enough

  9. TheMaethai says:

    i’m doing this for 50x -after regular ABS excersises-this is really good for both,your abs and lower back !

  10. idkanymorepeeps says:

    how many times should u do these?

  11. d956impala says:

    can sumthing go wrong if you do these things wrong?? maybe burst a gut or hernia??

  12. incredibololo says:

    I have one of those wheel thing and i have no idea how to use it… i better watch this video

  13. supershiro34 says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how many reps or what amount of time to do these? I’d appreciate it

  14. toine0515 says:

    you should if you dont want your hands to hurt

  15. TheMslara26 says:

    are gloves required for using that ab roller wheel thing??

  16. 1madaboutguitar says:

    Cool Im just dismantling my wheelbarrow as we speak. 

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