Abs workout how to have six pack – Level 2

Abs workout how to have six pack: 8 min abs workout level 2. Finally ready the best workout to get perfect abs and flat stomach. The application is finally available on iTunes Market! Download it now and begin training wherever you want, how you want and whenever you want! itunes.apple.com . Abs workout Level 1: www.youtube.com .
Video Rating: 4 / 5

www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this very effective but strange yet powerful core abs workout. It comes straight from the MMA ring and has it’s roots in Thai Boxing and it was designed to get you ripped fast! If your goal is to get a strong core and 6 pack abs then this mma workout is for you. You will get ripped just like a fighter!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. My abs are tired as fuck but worth it:)

  2. rbfowler09 says:

    @ImaginaryBear39 You can do it. You just have to try harder

  3. Nice video

  4. RoundDawn says:

    when i watched this 10 months ago.. 500k views…

  5. cewtiosafin1977 says:

    neck pain free ab routine: mybeachbodyfitness. com …you’re welcome

  6. NotToMentionMakeup says:

    @ImaginaryBear39 YESSSS

  7. ImaginaryBear39 says:

    Is the double crunch impossible for anyone else?

  8. Is it just me… or is the gap between 30 – 40 the longest!!

  9. punishshot says:

    ive been doing this workout for 3 months and i think its safe to say im starting to look like they guy.

  10. I was pain in the abs!

  11. @TheIstar5 I acctualy think that is realy bad for your health…I mean,since I was 5 years old,all the elders said to me that its important to eat all kinds of things,even oily once,since it helpes your metabolism…But what do I know,Im not a trainer…

  12. Piękne pierdy przy tym idą! Polecam. / Awesome farting during exercising! I Recommend!

  13. @BasterdAirsoft wow nice!

  14. @browneyedS ONLY 1 TIME!!!

  15. Why almost all of the exercises are from level 1?

  16. browneyedS says:

    How many times a day should i do this??

  17. BasterdAirsoft says:

    I just wanna thank Passion4Profession. I have lost over 30lbs, with these ab videos, accompanied by a healthy diet, and a mile run every night. 😀

  18. wilby2400 says:

    haha I feel like such a guy right now

  19. jonjonsilly says:

    I actually felt that the level one workout was the same if not harder than this one…

  20. Ruben007B says:

    i felt like i was being strangled by chuck norris!!!

  21. christian32johnson says:

    Im dead *_*

  22. Elitelennon says:

    Why is there porn music?

  23. blahblahcocca says:

    @rurounikenshin75 haha! im not even a girl! gosh…

  24. JustAnEpicVideo says:

    Funny how everyone commenting is an expert on diet and exercise

  25. BrodyLewczuk says:

    check out my videos how to get six pack abs fast!

  26. xXMrGamePlayerXx says:

    im scared

  27. ShaunzyTV says:

    Where’s this weeks weight training workout? It’s not on Youtube!

  28. ThePatriciascott says:

    I like it : )

  29. Go to kickboxin or muay thai trannig there ll be more results fo sure ;))

  30. Lot of talking few exercise not happy with it 😉

  31. the training always looks good but i always wanna know how the trainers sixpack is>..??

  32. @MatthewNJDavis 7-9 hours

  33. Your routines are amazing

  34. MatthewNJDavis says:

    How long should I be sleeping?
    (In hours please)

  35. bawitdaba1024 says:

    1 ripp… ; )

  36. MatthewNJDavis says:

    What is the ideal length to be sleeping? (In hours please)

  37. brozac1011 says:

    @TheTrickyTube it’s the lower and upper abs, obliques. Some people will say the lower back is part of the core and I think it’s really part of the core.

  38. TheTrickyTube says:

    what basicly is the core ? the whole stomach area including chest and side abs and rips?

  39. pervychika666 says:

    Awesome I’m gonna try it on my abs days!

  40. anamduanam says:

    what is the difference of the final results in the muscles between Killer Gladiator 6 Pack Workout, The Fighter Abs Workout, and MMA Core Abs Workout

    what is the superiority of Killer Gladiator 6 Pack Workout than the others?

    what is the superiority of The Fighter Abs Workout than the others?

    what is the superiority of MMA Core Abs Workout than the others

    and which one is better for karateka?

  41. 12DuMbAsS21 says:

    how long does it take to get results? :)

  42. moricestreet909 says:

    @xXBeastfromdaEastXx Thanks, someone seems to get it!

  43. moricestreet909 says:

    @MattM233 Oh yes it is. These are CORE exercises that comes straight from Thai Boxing. This is not a WHOLE Thai Boxing workout. If you only did this for your Thai Boxing workout you will get your ass kicked! But this does originate from Thai Boxing mixed with MMA.

  44. Ouch! great ones. Thank you

  45. xXBeastfromdaEastXx says:

    @MattM233 damn dude 6 different gyms for just muay thai? thats a lot lol whats wrong not getting what u are looking for? and he isn’t saying that this is thai boxing or any sort of substitute. he is just saying the movements in the exercises resemble muay thai movements and thats where they came from. also i have trained muay thai, bjj and now do MMA. im not worried about getting in shape. these are just great for keeping a super strong core, which is important in all fight styles

  46. @xXBeastfromdaEastXx Ehh I guarantee.. This will not do anything such as get you in shape for thai boxing. It might work your abs, but it is in no way thai boxing training. I’ve trained at at least 6 different fighting gyms.

  47. MiniProductions97 says:

    Got any home weight loss workout or is this good? ?can anyone tell me

  48. ShaunzyTV says:

    Is this 6 week 6 pack day 2 weight training video?

  49. NitroFootage says:

    I was blown away! Not by how hard the exercises are, but by how good they’ve been designed.

  50. OMG! call the police!, Peter just killed me 😉

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