Abs workout how to have six pack – Level 3

Just FYI: I recently asked the organization that made the previous 2 levels to make level 3 of this great exercise but i was ignored several times, so i decided to make it myself. Of course the quality is not as high as it would have been if they made it, but it serves the purpose perfectly, so get down and do some workout on your ABs:) hope you guys enjoy it and have as good results as i do.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. laserengelchen says:

    echt gutes Trainig für die Bauchmuskeln aber man hat danach eine leichte Genickstarre

  2. Hey, have you heard of this program called the Max Muscle Method? (do a google search). My mother in law says it gets people ripped.

  3. mikesz361 says:

    recovery saves my life…:D

  4. playmaiker says:

    your neck cant hurt if your neck hurts than you doing exercise wrong

  5. ZeroOne46 says:

    Oh man! I came on this for an easier Ab workout than P90 X, just wanted to take a break from that. But! boy was I mistaken, this still kicked my but, lol.

  6. samicoolboy says:

    hey I started directly with level 2.
    I dont understand that thing with levels! Can I get some tips on how and when I do Those levels.
    and does it work if i have a bellyfat, but i dont have that much :)

  7. Dreamboutmebitch says:

    nope I also started level 5 :)

  8. XOGxTwillzX says:

    you have to go on a diet to get this six pack right?

  9. emilyestonia says:

    I don´t get the 6th exercise, I don´t feel anything but killer neck pain.

  10. Mrwuuuuw says:

    Yeah baby yeah i have a six pack……..beer!;)

  11. and how are you six pack? do they look super? or no

  12. Ronin1Wolf says:

    If your neck is hurting every time just put your arms behind your head it works even better.

  13. mateopavolini says:

    why the fuck is it black?????

  14. Great video cut… By the way it is not 8 min…. ( I’m going to the next lv )

  15. pheww, i finally did it, after 1 month training. no pain no gain. im so happy now

  16. okeeeey i´m trained..just start with level 3… – … WHAAA WTF BURN BURN BURN.. WHOOOT just just 9 minutes ? damn next is level 2 ..

  17. I’ve been doing these now only for like 6-7 weeks and there already has been a huge change in my abs. Im doing these EVERY other day, so one week four times and next week 3 times.


  19. GamerzDirect says:

    How often should we do this workout and when do we go on to level 4?

  20. This shit is FAKE !

  21. thumbs up if you want level 4 !!!!!!!!!

  22. thewigglesyeah says:

    i just did the workout using the video becasue before i did it without and it felt more like a cardio than a ab exercise i never felt the burn and i just moved from 40x to 50x wtf!

  23. thewigglesyeah says:

    ive been doing the 40s an exercise one for about a month not much change in my abs only alittle more line to the middle but not much do this once a day everyday except weekend moving up to 50s now how long does it take and does this work?

  24. OH MY GOD THERE’S A LEVEL 4 &5?!?!?!?

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