Abs Workout – SIx Pack Abs Exercise – the Body Saw

nicktumminello.com – Coach Nick Tumminello, Baltimore Personal Trainer, shows you how to perform the Body Saw Abs workout. The Body Saw is a great abs exercise to get six pack abs and build core stability.
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Subscribe to Mark: www.youtube.com More: www.mydamnchannel.com Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Mark on Twitter: www.twitter.com Mark Malkoff sets out with personal trainer, Robert Brace, in an attempt to get six-pack abs within thirty days. Will Mark survive working out three times a day and being forced to eat 330 hard boiled eggs in a month? Watch Six-Pack Abs Challenge Part 1: www.youtube.com Also check out Robert’s website at www.nylean25.com


  1. branguzzler says:

    Is this similar to the ab wheel? O walking out with hands..??

  2. dacitizenonline says:

    im doing this tonight. theres the long tubes i might use to slide up my shins, or 5k plates as the previous poster suggested

  3. shootingman99 says:

    Just tried these today….they are awesome! Seriously the hardest core exercise I have ever done. I used 5 pound plates as sliders, worked great

  4. SMARTERTeamTraining says:

    The sliding discs are so useful. Thanks for sharing Nick!

  5. Another awesome idea from Coach Nick

  6. HobbaWorld says:

    @leynd000 its real

  7. Iphonegotro says:

    I didn’t know Darius Rucker was a personal trainer

  8. TheWQSproductions says:

    I have abs…
    They’re just hidden below my fat.

  9. that tub of junk food certinly spells fat ass

  10. Photoshoped.

  11. ForceTheShadow says:

    Why does that guy remind me of Terry Crews??

  12. @kassikangas nooooooo its not
    there isnt any concrete evidence to suggest that eggs = increase cholesterol

  13. I eat carmines so much

  14. Yay NYC

  15. stillmangal says:

    i hope you kept up this lifestyle cause you looked really good at day 28.

  16. SilverLightning3000 says:

    330 eggs is sooo bad for colestorol.
    that is totally wrong. Everyone telling that got no plan about eggs ;D

  17. SapphireFlyer says:


  18. ronmann606 says:

    he filmed it all in a day and photoshopped the results

  19. ronmann606 says:

    @kassikangas well he says 330 hardboiled egg whites meaning he’s not eating the yoke.

  20. kassikangas says:

    330 eggs is sooo bad for colestorol.

  21. that’s a waste of food. seriously.

  22. iceisisis says:


  23. KingHobba says:

    how many hours a day did you train?

  24. it wasn’t a matter of getting six pack abs, it was a matter of getting his body fat below around 10%
    and before some idiot says he wasn’t even that fat, i’m talking about the layer of fat between your skin and muscles, yes, you can be scrawny as fuck and have a very high body fat.

  25. antzzz111 says:

    doing a billion crunches is a good way to shrink your abs, you turn them into endurance muscles instead of bulky looking

  26. dminorbaby says:

    type in “give me 4 week abs” in the above box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

  27. Those pictures at the end are not Mark, they are Anthony Weiner.

  28. To bad this guy is scrawny as fuck, worst abs iv seen lol.

  29. TheLottoTube says:

    that was pretty awesome dude

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