Advanced 6 Pack Abs Home Workout , Get Ripped in just 15mins brings you this powerful advanced home 6 pack abs workout that will work your full abdominal area in just 15minutes! If you want sexy 6 pack abs fast then this is the workout for you.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 brings you this insane fitness workout that will take just 15 minutes. It will help you burn fat like never before and give you those 6 pack abs we are all looking for. Using extreme home 6 pack exercises you will increase your metabolic rate like never before and burn your belly fat fast.


  1. K1rkHammet says:

    Stupid bot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  2. ahmadkakakhel says:

    These Workout really Works 100%???Please @moricestreet909 reply me please and after half a month now i have 2 upper abs and i think stucked at lower area please i want to get abs and i like it please reply me Are those workouts works?how many time it will take?? and i forgot to mention my age is 14 years old….

  3. marvelherosquad says:

    This really works!!

  4. Hi! I dont have an exercise ball, so is there something else you suggest that i can use instead? :)

  5. TheMikeBison says:

    Really? If you want to build abs quickly,
    safely and effectively, then I suggest you
    try the program offered by the site
    and rest assured that it provides health
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  6. Hamza7539 says:

    thx peter i’v got a six pack

  7. tadeneitor says:

    hey peter hi my name is mario and i have a question i can do exercises with dumbells with16 years old?

  8. KucA1221 says:

    What should i do when i haven’t “training ball” and medicine ball ? Please give me some advice about exercise with same effectivity .

  9. favesland says:


  10. danielxdglaciuus says:

    it sounds like a knee problem =|

  11. knee ups hurts me, any suggestions?

  12. LuigiFan7 says:

    Thank you for replying!!

  13. BatspindaVL says:

    At the ball reach crunch, it should be no problem 😉

  14. LuigiFan7 says:

    can i use a 3g dumbell instead of the medicine ball?

  15. Lekke man. Gooi hom boet! :D

  16. HipposHateWater says:

    I’m sick of seeing this “upper abs” and “lower abs” crap. Anyone with any knowledge of human anatomy will tell you that abs don’t work that way.

    1) A muscle contracts evenly throughout it’s entire length.
    2) One end connects to the sternum, and the other connects to the pelvis. There is no anchor point somewhere in-between.

    Also, if you want to increase the size of a muscle, then you will need to go for high weight/difficulty & low reps. “Low weight & high reps” is far, far less efficient.

  17. lieutenantskygmail says:

    Holla! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got amazing Six pack abs and lost a ton of weight with it.

  18. MegaBileto says:

    I Do this Workuot 3 times at veek ! That’s All.!

  19. golobock says:

    there ARE no upper/lower abs.. every ab exercise that is not obliques,works your whole rectus abdominal!!!

  20. DetroitLife313 says:

    great video! this is really going to help me! but is there an alternative to the medicine ball?

  21. CRAZYLOCO54 says:

  22. jimmyjayden17121998 says:

    Thank you man!

  23. mdjiphzsa says:

    We don´t know is this workout effective,The guy in the video is not topless…xD

  24. tyranus226 says:

    I’ve always wanted to ask this, Are your techniques better than the ones shown on sixpackshortcuts?

  25. KOman1996 says:

    can i do the medicine ball workouts with dumbells instead?

  26. StaminaFitness1 says:

    I just finished the Insanity challenge. Click my name to see my results video, and subscribe please

  27. devil4etoo says:


  28. Pinoypride2000 says:

    Peter, I gotta question… I am a REALLY fat person and I wanna looose ALOT of weight! How do u think I should start off? And by the way, is it bad that I can’t do the clap pushup?

  29. Supremekhaoz says:


  30. kingofdeath9999 says:

    how should i do this do it 1 day rest 1 day and also can i do that last bicep workout everyday or what

  31. kingofdeath9999 says:

    how should i do this do it 1 day rest 1 day and also can i do that last bicep workout everyday or what

  32. TheTrickyTube says:

    hey peter could you make a workout that helps me to burn fat at my hip ?

    its with my legs my biggest problem zone and i dont know what to do because my freinds dont have problems there ( I am male basicly men gain weigh at the belly not at the hip ) can you help me ?

  33. nikolaizlazarev2135 says:

    OK Thank you very much.!.But i need some killing workouts 😀 ?

  34. moricestreet909 says:

    Thanks adX, this is 100% correct!

  35. dekkainami says:


  36. Yep, the way this workout its designed is to use intense workouts that as peter says: really stimulates your muscles and increases your metabolic rate. Already your using exercises that are quite intense but their structured into the ‘tabata’ style workout…

    If you can do this 3-4 times then you know your fitness is fairly damn good!
    Goodluck on your weightloss.

  37. Fusiionx2 says:

    this workout help u burn belly fat?

  38. Thank You :D

  39. moricestreet909 says:

    My video just before this one was for lower abs. Just go to my channel and you will see it there, second from the top!

  40. moricestreet909 says:

    Will do soon!

  41. moricestreet909 says:

    Sounds like you doing great workouts over there! I love MMA Workouts and exercises as it is very functional but will get your ripped quickly!

  42. moricestreet909 says:

    If you go to my facebook page we actually ran a competition a few months ago about the best Gym Workout Song list. If you go there and look through over 100 playlists that was send in you will find many good songs!

  43. moricestreet909 says:

    It is nothing famous. It is just something I have on my editing studio.

  44. nikolaizlazarev2135 says:

    Hey peter i got one question?can u upload or give me some videos for 4 lower abs because im done with 4 up ^^…

  45. Hey man, loving your vids at the moment, helping me alot, just wanted to ask if you could do a vid on exercises for the forearms?

  46. Ugh man last night at MMA I had to do 2 sets of taba… 1 for arms, 1 fore abs….
    we did 20sec pushups, 10sec rest, 20sec ball slams, 10 sec rest repeat 4 times
    and 20sec crunches rest 10sec, 20sec twisties (but we had to make the medicine ball touch each side of the ground and have our legs in the air constantly!) 10 sec rest repeat 4 times….

    I’m going agan tonight but my abs, bum, and tricepts (we did ‘perfect’pushups) are dead. ): and i havn’t drank water lol.. MMA is gonna b fun )’:

  47. profminki says:

    I know this isn’t an essential part of working out but… Do you think you can have a list of music that can get you hype? Like a playlist that would last about 1 – 1 1/2 hours? I’ve been long time watcher of your videos and love them, but sometimes I get really unfocused with my surroundings in the gym.

  48. MrMumbaite says:

    Nice video, thanks for sharing :)
    Can you share with me which music track is this ?

  49. benster78654 says:

    not to be gay or anything but i love you man

  50. haha even better :) So NOW I can watch TV and Workout

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