am i lesbian? bi? or just shallow?

Question by Sarah J: am i lesbian? bi? or just shallow?
ok right since 1 or 2 years before primary school ive known i like girls. everything about them just wow. i love them :)

but when it comes to guys ive decided i prefer darker penises to white ones. so i like black and asian :) but as a whole they just sicken me, i dont want one up me or in my mouth for that matter. but i only like guys with ripped out muscle like six packs. if theres nothing there it just annoys me, cause women have these amazing breasts and guys that have nothing its like put some tits on there. or at least tone up.

but i do like really toned abs, just nothing else about guys at all. so i could date one jut not sleep with one. i can hardly let him get all excited and be like “oh wait a sec your d**k is making me feel sick can we use a vibrator instead”

so am i a lesbian? cause i really love everything about girls. i cant imagine having sex with a man being enjoyable to me. do you think i should just do it anyway to find out?
or bi? cause i really like abs
or shallow? cause i only find men attractive if there physically fit
the stars that have been blocked out is the word t!ts
at space jew : ive hung out with boys most my life i never was in the boys are icky stage…. i think i missed it out
at Meus Zominium :D: just generally everything. the curves, boobs are obvious, bums are awesome, nice hair, pretty eyes, nice clothes are also good. lol i would love to say personalities but most girls i know are backstabbing b*tches

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Answer by Mary [♥♀]
I don’t understand how you can call having a preference being shallow.
So you like men who take care of their bodies, why would that make you shallow? No.

But overall, you sound lesbian to me. You might be bisexual since you’re so confused but a bisexual with a strong strong preference for girls.

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  1. Awesomeness Personified says:

    To me it sounds like you’re a lesbian but can still appreciate that a guy is nice-looking. Like, you can go, hey that guy’s hot, but still not really want him or be turned on by him – it’s like appreciating art really. It’s all fine though.

  2. Space Jew says:

    Yeah, you are kinda shallow (not ripping on you here, I have my preferences and I’m pretty inflexible myself), but to the core of your question you probably are either a) a lesbian or b) still in the “boys are icky” stage. Could be either. Who cares? Just go with what you want to go with, you’re under no obligation to please anyone but yourself.

    If you want to try sex with a guy then do it, see how it is. If you can’t stand the thought of a cock up in you then don’t do it.

    EDIT: if that’s the case then maybe you’re lesbian. I dunno. Do whatever seems best to you and quit worrying about labels.

  3. Meus Zominium :D says:

    What else do you like about women? Can you tell me?

    You sound like your sexual orientation is about a 4 on the Kinsey Scale. I would say you are bisexual, maybe Lesbian I can appreciate muscles too 😉

    I think you shouldn’t. (But that’s just my opinion) If you really do turn out to be Lesbian you will deeply regret it. In the Lesbian community there is a lot of shame for girls who have done that. You don’t need to, especially if you don’t want to.
    I HATE PENISES too but I have alot of of things to make me gay, really. You’re not shallow, either… sexuality is usually about the physical, sometimes it’s emotional too but why waste your virginity?????

    I don’t know, I think you are ATLEAST bisexual. The rest isn’t up to me:)

  4. Music of the Night says:

    I’m like Awsomeness Personified, I can think a guy is cute or hot or something, but I wouldn’t go beyond that. I wouldn’t sleep with a guy, but I can tell when one looks good.

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