Attracted to muscles?

Question by Stacy J: Attracted to muscles?
Ok I am very attracted to muscular guys. I am wondering what everyone else thinks. Six pack abs or sick butt flabs how do you like your guy and what will it be for you.? I know it’s all about whats on the inside but im talking about the outside now.

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Answer by kelly c
Hey girl when the clothes come off it’s all muscles for me. Im not really into the normal guy or bone skinny one’s. Just give me muscles.

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  1. jumponitx3 says:

    six pack of course. no one likes flab.

  2. it’s heaven on earth. i see this guy in my gym and his arms are like huge and I can’t take my eyes of him.

  3. Gornographic Headache Machine says:

    I don’t really like that much muscle on guys.

  4. Yea gurl im all about six-pack abs they iz so sexy escpically when u see them wit no shirt on

    im on fire just thinkin about it

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