Best Tips for 8-Pack Abs

My NEW 8-pack ab video: Finally launched my website: Got into a conversation with a friend of mine today about how some athletes have 6 pack abs, and others have 8 pack abs. He was saying it’s genetics. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. But when I look at every anatomy illustration, I see 8 segments of abdominal muscles. This means those with 6 packs, simply aren’t targeting the whole muscle range. So here’s a video tip on 1 method of bringing the 8 pack out! Kind of embarrassed about this video, but oh well.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. withTEHRAN says:

    go get the 8th first…

  2. TheDHPclan says:

    dude this helps im starting to see mine

  3. 123subcooled says:

    thanks bro; you are awesome…thanks for wonderful tips and helping us in getting good shape… talk abt something about nutrition as well; like what to eat in our breakfast and how many times should we eat…plzz talk abt diet as well…

  4. Soulrogue1994 says:

    Really Nice video man, information that’s not readily available.

  5. jfdmothafucka says:

    iits all genetics man, some people only have 4 packs. not everyone has an 8 or a 6 pack

  6. @JumpBrother
    I was a lil skeptical about spending that
    kind of money for something ordered
    online. But I bit the bullet and I ordered
    that workout program at the site
    And after 3weeks under its program, it
    helped flexed my abdomen. So I say
    it does what it claims.

  7. GladaNinjan96 says:

    Hi mate :) I’m 15 years old and I’m very into training. I got 6 packs and I’m now on my journey to get 8 packs! :) Your video is nice but I’m just wondering, how many of those am I suppose to do each day? 10? 20? I know I should be warmed up while doing them. Would be great if you helped me! Cheers mate!

  8. thecagedshadowsband says:

    @PausBaby Allright, So just message me or video message me Stuff.

  9. @thecagedshadowsband i can help u cus im 15 and i have a 8 pack and pretty big Biceps and triceps

  10. thecagedshadowsband says:

    @PausBaby Hey im muscler like in Biceps and triceps. I have a diet and all that But Nothing is helping me. So All im asking is like a personal Youtube trainer to help me get a nice washboard 8 pack if thats possible!

  11. MrDJKushman says:

    do cardio then do the ab crunches or other way round or does it even matter?

  12. jdhf983y4uhu says:

    @xenonce great, thanks. my diet is fine it’s the workouts i need to improve, i just do a few HIITS a week atm. if i get the 8 pack i’ll comment back.

  13. lol….i like when you said “dig in there”…i’m trying ….lol

  14. @serjam01 lol

  15. @serjam01 of course, unless you puss out first 😛

  16. @xmarcksdaspot – good luck bro. look up “vitality advocate 8 pack” for my newer ab routine video :)

  17. @jdhf983y4uhu – not as much but yes you can. the reason is they don’t have much of a lower ridge, but there’s enough of one to make them pop out if you train consistently enough. the main trick with exposing those lower 2 muscles is eating clean, low omega 6 fats, high omega 3 fats, minimize processed carbs, all white carbs, sugars, and you should be fine.

  18. @PausBaby np

  19. @PausBaby – it all depends on genetics and body type at that age.

  20. @thecagedshadowsband – Yep, I’ve found that women like nice looking abs, not bulging blocks of flesh. So I don’t do extreme weighted ab movements. Body weight is fine. The feeling after your workout comes from general muscle soreness and lactic acid released during the routine. Lactic acid creates the burning sensation. If you feel it, it means you are working out the muscles good. I suggest my routine of course, it rules!

  21. @2Roach11 – nice bro, keep it up~

  22. @VileCenturionEX – why not? if you already have 6, you are practically lean enough. just means you need to spot train that lower area :)

  23. @killcybering2 – that is exactly the area this tip is for developing. good luck using it. you should try my ab routine to speed up your results. look up “vitality advocate 8 pack routine” good luck bro

  24. sorry bout that,,,

  25. Between yourselfs i think you licked your lips about 73 times during that video

  26. PJmuscleworkouts says:

    Does Jimmy Struthers actually live down the street? if so.. why the FUCK havn’t you beat the shit into him?!

  27. haha fucking love these guys

  28. lordbahari says:

    @23viktor23 elliot is great too :)

  29. TheBabazita says:

    @5bishop5 Hahahagaha

  30. TheWhopperTinger says:

    @5bishop5 No they’re not, sixpackshortcuts is BULL SHIT, see his ads everywhere on the internet? Like the chinese research how to build muscle REALLY quick, no such thing, these guys & scooby. Period.

  31. This is a direct diss to sixpackshortcuts. But hey! You can do whatever the FUCK u wanna do!

  32. @liwhales2 their shirts are basically nothing though haha

  33. @momowowo16 cuz they’re not assholes

  34. kallostomika says:

    I know nobody is going to read this but I’m going to write anyway.I have a video in my channel for whoever wants to develop abs. …see yourself my body transformation.I don’t have much views but that doesn’t mean that the workout isn’t good.SEE YOURSELF!thumbs up please so people can see this…it would mean a lot for me,thank you!
    Seriously, if you’re trying to get abs , you should watch it!

  35. 89orangejuice says:

    there are NO shortcuts!1lb of bodyfat= 3500 calories.the only shortcut would be will seriously need to research this drug for yourself! plese pay strict attention to the detailed instructions concerning HYDRATION!it turns on the mitochondria in every cell in the body! they become little furnaces.absolute strict guidelines must be followed.

  36. JeffTheChef23 says:

    i like your vids :-D

  37. 7CATALYST25 says:

    Jack3d can increase the likelihood of psychosis in emotionally traumatic situations because of highly dopaminergically active research chems. Shit also gets you high as fuck which ain’t bad.

  38. lol why do they even wear shirts??

  39. bluetube147 says:

    @23viktor23 Haha XD

  40. 23viktor23 says:

    @bluetube147 impossible….there is no lens wide enough for those 3 in one shot XD

  41. that asian ma fucker that says “six pack shortcuts” is a goddamn joke

  42. HeshedKaleidoscope says:

    @5bishop5 No way, sixpackshortcuts is a fucking disgrace. Mike Chang is a joke.

  43. bluetube147 says:

    @23viktor23 Jeezus christ your so right, my god imagine if they did videos together haha

  44. loulooks323 says:

    @xTheRaVeGod7 what doesn’t make sense? im not a huge guy, with muscles popping out thru my shirt. bu i do have muscle tone. you can see my muscle shape when i wear a tight shirt… my only problem is my damn love handles. im a hard gainer when i comes to gaining muscle i dont pack it on fast. ive been told if you do cardio you will burn that muscle off.. and thats what i dont want….

  45. veilofpaya says:

    Right now im lifting upper body Mondays Wensdays and Fridays and lower body on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every day of the week i Do 30 to 40 Minutes of Cardio. My diet consitsts of about three smoothies a day. In each Smoothy i put in mixed greens and fruites with almonds. For dinner ill have baked chicken. Im at 200 and planning on loosing 10 pounds a month and trying to ad around a pound and a half of muscle each month

  46. MyJamesMusic says:

    @Tastylittlelemon Lol TWINNING!

  47. xTheRaVeGod7 says:


    that doesnt even make sense u dont want to lose muscle youv earned but you aint that big and have no muscle tone ?

  48. jaesimpson21 says:

    That sum bitch up the street. Lol

  49. loulooks323 says:

    i cant find a way to loose my damn love handles!! i can do lots of cardio, but i dont really want to loose my muscle ive gain over the years… im not that big but i dont have muscle tone

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