Can i gain a six pack like this?

Question by Mr. Spencer: Can i gain a six pack like this?
If I were to do a hundred crunches and a hundred sit-ups. And do static abs help at all. I really wanted to get a sick pack before spring break and I cant go to a gym and wanted to do it at home.

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Answer by Drop Dead, Gorgeous.
You’ll need to do lots more than that

and most people have a lot of muscle under their fat.
so maybe if you throw in some running and do that 3+ times a week you can get ’em by spring break.

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  1. gregoriopineda says:

    yes but you have to do it once every other day and you don’t want to do too much because you might damage your muscles.

  2. got the best one for ya right here. first jus lay down on ur back. put ur thumbs under ur butt. then keeping ur legs straight lift them up to about a 90 degree angle with ur body. idk how strong u r now but i started out at 30 an now i can do 60. these work great. another swt exercise is to lay on ur side an jus prop one elbow up. so all ur weight should be on tht one elbow an ur feet. do both sides then lay on ur stomach an prop both elbows up under u. so its like ur doin a pushup exept ur on ur elbows. i first do this eldow one for a min an half both sides then middle. then i do the liftin ur legs up to a 90 degree angle one about 60 times. i have great abs now. do it everyother day.

  3. We don’t know your current physical condition, so nobody here can answers that question with any degree of certainty. However, 100 sit-ups and crunches a day will not get you the results you desire.

    You have to do cardio to burn off the fat in front of your abs in order for your muscles to show through. A way to get faster results would be to eliminate carbohydrates after lunch, so your body does not store the excess energy as fat. Another shortcut would be to take fat-burners which block fats from being produced. This is in addition to the cardio, not a substitute.

    You will also want to do a lot more repetitions than 100. I would suggest that you work on obliques as well as lower back if you want the results that you desire.

  4. It depends…Are you eating right? with a layer of fat on you it will make it much harder to get a six pack.

    Also, if your routine starts to become easy try to challenge yourself and maybe try to add a couple more situps every workout.

    Your abdominals are known to heal really fast compared to other muscle groups.

    Down below are great ab exercises and their are also ab work-out plans on the site

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