Can I Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs without Cutting Back on My Carbs ?!???

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Celebrity trainer, Mike Ryan, reveals how to get six pack abs in three easy steps. Discover the fastest way to ripped, 6 pack abs guaranteed.


  1. wewawewawe says:

    I can’t do cutting
    I just can’t … I wanna cry

  2. kila10225 says:

    Cutting sucks man..can’t eat what you want lol

  3. Hey there! Have you heard about the Fat Blast Furnace (do a search on google)? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cooworker shed lots of unwanted fat.

  4. SushiSee says:

    Do I count my fibers when counting carbs?

  5. what kind of carbs?

  6. 11mrichman says:

    Haha been watching these nonstop for an hour

  7. fabztube100 says:

    stop complaing and go do some crunches!


  8. HowToDoCalculus says:

    @fabztube100 you must be starving yourself kid.

  9. fabztube100 says:

    Buddy im fortunate enough to have a six pack i dont do cardio and hit my abs three to four times a week. I also watch what i eat.

  10. GentianNB says:

    @fabztube100 KID THIS IS BULLSHIT you have to do cardio OMG!

  11. fabztube100 says:

    You have to hit abs at least three times a week to get six pack abs. Hit them every second day

  12. 23viktor23 says:

    @Siddhant230694 slow digesting carbs but remember that the amount of carbs per day is different for every body type

  13. Siddhant230694 says:

    Does the 60 to 80 mean starchy carbs or all type of carbs (I.e. Fibrous and the carbs present in milk products)

  14. mito123ish says:

    i like these guys :)

  15. myfriendspencer says:

    I just love to run in to these type experiences in today’s cynical and lost environment.

  16. FindingKirkCameron says:

    Yep! That is the only workout program
    that really worked for me and Im glad
    it worked for you also! For my abs
    improvement, Ive been trying so many
    diet plans. Until I found this site:
    and I could never be more happy. :))

  17. j0hnxjxrambo says:

    Cutting back on the bad carbs or the good carbs?

  18. how much muscle will you lose??????????????

  19. SuperTanji4ka says:

    Hello! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cooworker got hot Six pack abs and lost a lot of weight with it.

  20. NebulousEsoteric says:

    so it goes mesmo, ecto, endo and homo?

  21. Italkfitness says:

    hey guys go check out my last video on my body transformation.. appreciate it a lot make sure to subscribe an stay tuned for now thanks =)

  22. caliindica says:

    Smoke dank bud

  23. caliindica says:

    You guys are awesome!!!!Wish I was Big as you two.Right now im 176lbs w 8% bodyfat.Id sacrifice some bodyfat for more mass but doesnt work like that for me.Keep the vids coming guys

  24. @YouSuck1009 well you will lose some weight for sure.. cause if u have like 10% BF and u weight 100kgs so that means you have 10kg of fat so if you want to cut to 5%BF u will cut the 5kg of that fat..

  25. jscientist204 says:

    @YouSuck1009 yes there is a way

  26. highvoltagetraining says:

    pretty big guy

  27. TheDaLLyx says:

    bag pula in morti tai sin relcama mati:*

  28. xxstoncoldxx says:


  29. 23viktor23 says:

    the second guy lost more bodyfat than a regular guy in a year. that’s gotta get you thinking on how bad this shit is for your health

  30. KevinMullins84 says:

    You must be a retard if you bought this shit

  31. tydye2010 says:

    Hey kids! Search “This Will Kick Your Ass” in the search THAT is a working workout for your arm muscles, and abs! It also burns fat all at once. It worked for me!

  32. download ”Truth about six pack abs” book for free ! freefiles-gms. blogspot. com
    Enough of looting…….spreed this link,price of this book is 41$

  33. 87Logitech says:


    No 10-20, 8-14 %, guy with 20 % of bf can have visible 6 pack. Lot of cardio and healthy food = visible abs :)

  34. KINGOFDARKNESS48 says:

    I Tried This , Now I Have No Hair , and blue skin

  35. “I too tried this product ..not only did I lose my gut, but I lost my hair”

  36. @hurrican3game310 10%-20% of your food not your body fat! its very clear that I was talking about diet!! again good fat. [iminent=TiPhzlR59l2]
    I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

  37. faizarif930 says:

    where can i get it???

  38. 1.only trains upper abs
    2.fat burners are full of shit and train properly for decent results…actually do something exept watching youtube vids and dreaming

  39. mrboy9786 says:

    ye and you think im gona buy thad schit pffffff hahahahaha

  40. choobacan says:

    garbage i acutllay wanna see the guy eat it

  41. hurrican3game310 says:

    @aboyabi sorry your just as misleading as the youtube video…you gotta have at least 9% or lower body fat to get abs

  42. DannyProduction1 says:

    @aboyabi eat a mars . mars . snicker . kfc kfc kfc . some coockies and do some crunches

  43. ahmadrabah24 says:

    nothing pisses me off more than those people who show up in the commercials saying that they have used the product and lost 40-50-60 pounds.. DO WE LOOK FUCKIN STUPID TO BELIEVE? and when the fuck did use the product? they just came out with it? SMH but unfortunately yea there are some disparate stupid people that believe that!

  44. VideoMaker214518 says:

    oww steroits

  45. guarrana90 says:

    if it’s a secret, why you do publicity ? … lol …

  46. weeboxer16 says:

    LOVE how the second person “before and after” look the same. Face features.

  47. @Quodge totally agree

  48. 0:45 ya i totally bought that, they look like a real doctor, woha good for them.

  49. Thank god for scoobys workshop. 

  50. sailormoon7845 says:

    dont take the pill just do the work out sounds easyer

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