Can you get a six-pack from coughing?

Question by GORILLA DIX 9.0: Can you get a six-pack from coughing?
i’m sick and ive been coughing non stop, my abs are ridiculously sore now and hurt when i cough.

BQ: Could i somehow market this as an exercise routine and makemillions

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Answer by Michelle

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  1. Kermit the Frog says:

    Yeah dude.

  2. summer lovex3 says:

    Sure, and you can get an 8-pack from laughing.

  3. Yes, I got a six-pack……..of bud light!

  4. Jack Power says:

    Stick a finger in your throat and get rippling abs

  5. Are kids of today…really this stupid?

  6. Garciachick says:

    NO but the coughs can give you a hernia or hemorrhoid lmao

  7. Judas Totally Pwned Jesus says:


  8. no but i get a six pack from sit ups crunches holding handstands and parkour

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