Can You Maintain Six Pack Year Round and Build Muscle Get Bigger & Stronger Continuously???

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Work Out host Jackie Warner breaks it down step by step! Link to article:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. pelopota says:

    If by “bulk” you mean get fat? then no. They do make new muscle thow. So does lui marco.

  2. crazystarf says:

    but they don’t bulk do they?

  3. crazystarf says:

    4:42 god damnit I died at this point lol

  4. pooponhoop says:


  5. MrMahealam says:

    hay….u say its impossible to gain muscle and maintain 6 pack around a year but this boy @bonboy6696 gained a whole lo of muscle and had six pack in all the bulking years. he is 16-17 year old. so is it that the teenagers can do that or something. NOTE: @bonboy6696 didnt took any steroids or shit…he is natural. plz thumbs up so they can see.

  6. TheBottomLine1986 says:

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  7. i guess I’m that .01% of guys with good genetics. I’m 19 and eat 6000 calories a day to bulk and get bigger for football. and i still got my six pack 😀 I’ve been bulking for 4 months. haha I’m sooo lucky. i now weigh 225 instead of 195. i love my body. so to show it, i masterbate everyday i don’t fuck my girl haha

  8. MegaDragonHero says:

    But i’ve got a 6 pack and lately i put on like just over half a stone and my abs still look the same and i can seem to put on muscle without my abs fading too much because if you get like 300 to 500 surplus calories you put on muscle but no much fat because it’s about what your body needs for muscle, anymore then that and you will prob put on alot more fat

  9. roylanc19 says:

    lol thats why they are always talking about snapping shit up, cause when you get to that age, you gonna be traveling to snap city a lot

  10. sweet44381 says:

    this is very nice video i like this video.

  11. MrJackDanielsJr says:

    Jimmy Struthers can put on 21 pounds of muscle per month and keep an 8 pack yr round

  12. blueleaf1717 says:

    they prob would yeah cos that way they could keep adding more strength.. tbh thats what im doing im getting as much calories as possible like good AND bad carbs, protein and i seem to just be adding muscle instead of fat lol

  13. ChipmunkJLD says:

    same here!

  14. Unevaluated says:

    are your videos months old? if so then ok, but otherwise go get a bodypod, because if those videos are recent you are NOT below 12%

  15. Raedwulfiggie says:

    @Unevaluated Just measured bodyfat now. 4mm chest, 15 stomach, 10 leg @ 177lbs age 25 = 8.2% bodyfat.

  16. Unevaluated says:

    i watched your videos, you are 11/12% at the lowest

  17. Raedwulfiggie says:

    I am. At least according to my skinfold calipers. Either way that’s how I measure my progress. Whatever it says as long as it is consistent. I’ll say this though, if you did check my video my camera isn’t very good and tends to smudge in the details around the shadows. Either way, as long as my measurements are consistent and I can track my progress :)

  18. Unevaluated says:

    you aren’t 7% bodyfat, you’re delusional

  19. Raedwulfiggie says:

    I must be lucky. My strength has been increasing every single week for 7.5 months straight (Newbie) I’ve gone from 15% bodyfat at 180lb. Now I’m 7.5% bodyfat at 176lbs. I’ve been 7-8% bodyfat for the last 5 months with no problems. Newbie gains are the shit :).

  20. Afghanboy36 says:

    I eat like a pig and everything and am getting bigger and even stronger and have had a 6 pack for 4 years straight. yay great genetics:)

  21. ilikegirlsalotxd says:

    could you do a video about tips for teens looking to lean up?(by teens I mean from the range of like… 15-25 or like that)

  22. thepineapple1 says:

    Jimmy Struthers builds muscle and burns muscle on a low-card higi-BCAA diet.
    He said he’s got a 9-pack.

  23. ferigigi says:

    cuz’ hes on juice brah

  24. voracious5252 says:

    Nut juice?….. now thats a first thats funny lol. I’m gonna use that phrase now for steroids haha . Nice line G. Hey u guys give good advice in ur vids have u guys talked about supersets? or 21’s? what do u think about those methods of training?

  25. shahzains says:

    he is getting stronger and stronger and not getting fat.
    i was talking about discipline and hard work btw.

  26. GirlOnDiamonds says:

    She makes it look so easy…

  27. Stop ‘should’-ing women’s bodies! Stop telling us and each other how women’s bodies ‘should’ look! A woman’s body can look however she wants it to. Muscular, soft, thin, curvy…

  28. rozzebellconta says:


  29. alexlaramusic says:

    Sorry ladyy…. i have seen wayy better women abs.

  30. Drumsterize says:

    where are her tits ?

  31. ivyVaughn says:


  32. WitchAtashe says:

    looks quite masculine…

  33. moontii33 says:

    come on u guys thats not diet !! look at her stomach she’s like a dude and it’s really amazing the trains she did i think she’s cool

  34. I dont think u much need to look what you eat just if u feel not strong u can always run or do some workout no need always blame food.

  35. TheGymWebSeries says:

    If you like girls with hot bodies, check out our comedy webseries! It’s about bad personal trainers, and stars some hot chicks!

    Love the video. Girls with abs are HOT.

  36. looks awesome but did to many push ups thats why she has no boobs left trained them away

  37. Merdenoms says:

    Who are you the Moses of what women “should” look like? Last time I checked every female had the right to be musclar, soft or anything in between! Thanx but no thanx for trying to sheeple women into the body form you find suitable. Get real.

  38. mrazik131 says:

    she looks little manly , i have large pelvic bone which i complained about for years but it looks great with the six-pack appearing.
    What i meant was small pelvis looks good on man,..not a female

  39. look4clips says:

    Sorry but there´s no back – no lat – no shoulders – the arms are so skinny . That isn´t a good form . What you see is only the result of diet – diet – diet – diet !!! 

  40. ellinasethnikos says:

    ahem…..u got a 4 pack and not a 6 one !!

  41. xhevda1000 says:

    Oh hai! Have you considered the Fat Blast Furnace (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy burned crazy amounts of fat.

  42. Octavian88mtl says:

    Okay girls, here’s the deal. You shouldn’t have rolls of fat, nor should you be totally ripped.

    Do yoga, they always have the most attractive figure. They look like women should look. Healthy and fit.

  43. Genuine2319 says:

    I think she looks fabulous

  44. Genuine2319 says:

    Okay ima get started on my six pack

  45. ACS402010 says:

    Exactly…most of the time, women saying they prefer curves over muscle is just an excuse not to get busy pumping iron and getting in shape. They use it as an excuse to keep stuffing their faces with junk instead of getting serious about getting in shape. Lean, hard muscle on a woman is awesome. Make me feel so invincible, sexy, confident and powerful. I wouldn’t trade my muscle for the days I was fat and out of shape for anything. No. Thank. You.

  46. MaddisonSmile says:

    No offence but i rather have my womenly curves insteand of her manly pack

  47. MY GOAL : getting her body for next summer.
    You look fabulous, TOTALLY feminine.
    I’m sorry guys, but women can be feminine with muscle instead of curves. I’m tired of hearing or reading that kind of comments.
    That’s how life is, we ALL want to feel and be stronger.
    That’s where well being and so happiness start.
    Lazy people, stop finding excuses to your “curves” (which actually mean most of the time fat), eat clean and HIT THE GYM.

  48. papppappful says:

    I know. I want TITS.

  49. Imiloaheh says:

    I can’t even do one single push up.. maybe that is where I should start:p

  50. Wipeoutt31 says:

    Drink 3 liters of water a day!?! I can barely make it through 1 liter.

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