Chest, Arms, and Abs workout with the Hodgetwins aka TMW

Thanks again to TMW for lifting and sharing with us how they’ve made ALL KIIIIIIIIINDS OF GAINS. That guillotine press is the real deal!


  1. killamc09 says:

    what trainers does kevin have on (grey number – 2:59). If anyone could help that would be great! thanks.

  2. cesarinocabeza says:

    do another one please !

  3. All kinds of gains, people adapt their form to suit their own bodies, don’t wanna go snappin shit up!

  4. SOULJ4HISME says:


  5. AnthonyZ0424 says:

    horrible form sick vid

  6. d4rky312 says:


  7. JoshuaGibson4L says:

    DAM SVEN get it! Stong dude.

  8. xXBr4ndonDXx says:

    They seriously fucking played that song in a gym? Unless it’s a gym at a middle school, just…no.
    I fucking hate that song lol

  9. merky101 says:

    Balllllsssss Deeeeeeeepppppp

  10. ScoobysDisciple says:

    haha funny shit

  11. THEREALBeane20 says:

    Working out with Keith and Kevin would be freakin awesome

  12. TheJasonYamamoto says:

    I wanna work out with them!!

  13. kknyrass says:

    cool as shit. shit’s cool.

  14. AMPepin1992 says:

    rofl wtf

  15. MrGetfit123 says:

    great video guys….

  16. aznbullet95 says:

    yeah he did

  17. aznbullet95 says:

    they did it obviously since they were going to show us a vid of their collab. with the twins.. its called a joke.

  18. Kiretrams1 says:

    fucking huuuge legs brah

  19. 96Samix says:

    some skinny ass legs!lmfao

  20. jaxblade07 says:

    Intro was Fuckin Hilarious X’D

  21. systemrootexploited says:

    All hater.

  22. theharrio1234 says:

    2:10 Muscle Gains!!

  23. SuperstarIceland says:

    The intro to this video makes me feel like The Hodge Twins should sue. It’s not cute, it not funny and far from cool. Plus these guys are white :-( give me a break!!!

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