Crazy 4 Min Ripped Core Workout

1 CRAZY tip to get abs: Hey…what’s up! In this episode, I bring you an abs workout that will get your core ripped with multiple KILLER abs exercises. And all you’ll need to do this exercise is one light dumbbell! Here’s how it goes: FEET TO SKY CORKSCREWS – 10 REPS EACH SIDE: Start squatting down, with the dumbbell over your right foot. Twisting from your core, throw the dumbbell over your left shoulder like your are tossing a bucket of water. It’s CRITICAL for this exercise that you are using your abs to initiate the movement, and not just using the momentum from your legs to move the dumbbell. Otherwise, it’s just a crappy leg workout. Twist with your core though as much as you can, and you’ll be getting a killer ab workout. FIGURE EIGHTS – 20 REPS: Hold the dumbbell in front of you, and move it in a figure 8 pattern. Again, this exercise will be VERY easy if you just do it with your arms, but be sure not to do that. Hold your arms straight, and move the dumbbell around by twisting your core. Keep the dumbbell in front of you as you do this exercise — try not to let it go in back of you. This leads to involving other muscle groups, and takes the “work” off your abs and core. HOW TO PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: Do five rounds, each round consisting of one set of corkscrews and one of figure eights. You’ll be doing five sets of corkscrews and five sets of figure eights altogether, with no rest in between sets. — This is a GREAT way to hit your abs with a
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. DJandBoomz says:

    what about medicine ball?

  2. nosocom says:

    use jug wit water(h2o)

  3. Locpa1001 says:


  4. chemistry2200 says:

    I can see Mike chang muscles was seperated part by part just a iron man shell

  5. mina vega says:

    0.o wow that was fast..

  6. Thegr8t2 says:

    That’s, at most, an ordinary shoulders workout. By bringing the weight down, you’re not working any muscle whatsoever except for the stabilizers because there is no resistance since the force applied is in the same direction as gravity.

    Stop talkshitting and misleading people please. Your account is fake.

  7. ROFL

  8. Shonjaks says:

    I feel like your a Dynasty Warrior training with this music lol its awesome

  9. trandify says:

    what is wrong with his breathing?

  10. TheMadmacks says:

    when i was doing the figure 8’s my gym buddies told me that there is no work out like that and i said who has much more defined abs? and they were like, fucked…

  11. FR4NKtheT4NK302 says:

    Started doing these not that long ago an it seriously rips you up man lol KILLS YOU but very effective. THANKS!!

  12. jeiwaru says:

    Didn’t have a dumbell so I used my piggy bank…surprisingly heavy

  13. kylesmackdown123 says:

    lol have you ever aciedtly hrown the drumbell

  14. emericaordie15 says:

    how far apart should i work my core from regular ab workouts?

  15. 99louisB says:

    medicine ball better for this !

  16. rsanjay100 says:

    Pls take the background music off because it is annoying when you play it on speakers loud !

  17. ClarkClarkish says:

    Throwin bucktes and chopin wood allday !

  18. OxtonPL says:

    Loool scientists in china pahaha. You mean ripped American of chinese descent teaching everyday people how to exercise properly hehe

  19. UkuleleRustic says:

    There’s an ad on the side of YouTube with a photo of mike. “Scientists in China have discovered a revolutionary “short cut” to six pack abs.

    This makes me want to watch your video’s less.

  20. entertainmentmachNO1 says:

    1 did the second workout with 10 pound dumbell

  21. entertainmentmachNO1 says:

    wow my laptop is right next to me it think ill do this next time

  22. Archsatanz says:

    coooh, coooh, coooh, shiiii, shiiii, shiii, coooh, coooh, coooh

  23. CzechFitnessGirl says:

    Have you been Bad? Have you been eating Junk Food? Check out my video YOU’RE UNDER ARREST with sexy police officer!

  24. KDOG27795 says:

    how did u post this shit comment then?

  25. Hasfirstfrjord says:

    wow first time doing it I can only manage 3 sets :/ I’ll push for 5 tmrw though

  26. SuperPotatoPower says:

    I like the color of your walls

  27. burgerslayer420 says:

    Maybe if you stacked like 3 steroids continuously

  28. lachyray says:

    My calorie target is 3864 calories to gain muscle, but i don’t want the excess fat from eating carbs. Whats stopping me from cutting the carbs and eating more protein to make up for the lost calories?

  29. MrGimpolicious says:

    god damn how old are you? no hate but your small i would sugest start bulking and put on some weight and size then cut because you sound small. How long have you been lifting?

  30. BTRFitness says:

    The reason their stomach is swollen is because of kwashiorkor (lack of protein).

  31. Plixus100 says:

    Their point wasn’t about their bloated bellies, but rather their lack of defined abs even though they have a very low body-fat percentage.

  32. TheDonOfZagreb says:

    You guys are just the best. Good tips for younger guys, not alot of people do that.

  33. suiiside says:

    FYI the reason people who are starving are all skinny and have a bulging belly is because of a protein deficit and malnutrition it causes the protruding abdomen not how much muscle they have. You can google that shit.

  34. suiiside says:

    CUT!!!! stay cut all the time and slowly add muscle. You will always look good year round. Take it from me. That bulking shit is stupid, putting on fat to gain some muscle is fucking stupid now I gotta diet like a mother fucker just to get rid of it. It won’t gain you anymore muscle faster, it’s bullshit. Slowly add calories to put on muscle without gaining fat is THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO! I know from experience cause cutting fat fucking sucks ball sack.

  35. Thanks this really helped

  36. warfighter186 says:

    now hold on jimmy, i don’t want mommy struthers to be mad at you for shootin up juice 4 times a day.

  37. Stop snorting coke

  38. It’s hard to tell the body type of the guy in the video. He looks like he just sits around and plays video games, and doesn’t work out at all, not even walking around outside a little. I’d recommend he just gets out and walks around for a couple months. Then, we can talk about workouts after that.

  39. antoniojoaquinfuck says:

    My mum said you have “beautiful” eyes, congrats lol

  40. emokidd8433 says:

    any 1 notice the pussyfight between ninjayvideos and PatrikN793? O.o

  41. brknspacebar says:

    …do you know that your comment has been hidden…ppl think your retarded…hahaha

  42. JNEssary says:

    lol get that shiiiiit outta here you fucking gay ass

  43. SexyN0Jutsu says:

    Good advice mayne

  44. Aryanniknam says:

    100000000000000000000000000000000 times thank two really gives me hope.

  45. RyuBlade1980 says:


  46. ninjayeahvideos says:

    HAHAHA you pathetic waste of skin, trying to attack me verbally. lol I made you cry, and you just made my day good sir. Did your mother have any kids that lived?

  47. shuvobdjsr says:

    Hello, have you considered this method called the Max Muscle Method? (go search google). My uncle says it gets people stronger.

  48. VernPal says:

    You guys are like me and my brother, pair of sick-cunt jokers!

  49. HumbleBlack says:

    Ohhh okay, I misunderstood the direction… ABOVE the daily needed caloric intake. Thanks

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