dirty truth about supplements…EXPOSED!

Mike’s Ab Training System: sixpackshortcuts.com We’ve gotten a TON of questions from you about supplements lately, and in this video we wanted to answer all of them. In this video we cut through the BS about supplements, and tell you what you REALLY need to be taking to get abs. Including: — The TRUTH about the effectiveness of supplements. If you’re currently taking a lot of supplements, you NEED to hear this. — The supplements that we personally take. Once again, I think you’ll be really surprised! — The low-down on specific supplements like: creatine, protein, multi-vitamins, glutamine, no-xplode, and more. And after you’ve watched this, if you’re ready to stop blowing your money on ineffective supplements, and you’re ready to start doing the stuff that REALLY works to get in shape, I recommend picking up my full ab training system. In my system, I show you exactly how to eat and exercise to get abs. You’ll just have to do four short 30 minute workouts a week, and follow a simple eating plan. I put up a free video giving you some of the best techniques from my system to build muscle, lose your belly fat, and get abs. Check it out here: sixpackshortcuts.com
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Glutamine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in the body. That’s why you don’t notice any “weirdness” when you take it and you don’t have to cycle on or off it. It’s like taking protein or it has a different function. Protein builds muscle while Glutamine repairs muscle.

  2. FrozenCrewGr says:

    supplements help a lot if you are a busy guy but they will NEVER replace a meal you need to take em after or before every meal

  3. tajulafham94 says:

    you are so cool man…i’m so surprised that you build your muscle without supplements

  4. hi sir… can i ask you what branch can u suggest for us about whey protein powder and glutamine tablets….
    but sir… im taking GNC XXX protein powder now… what can you say to that brand… thanks!

  5. vNstylez2004 says:

    @zainzulfiqar haha this question is not for me, but i would say try swimming..it helps your body grow taller and allows you to get maximune height..physicla exercise that doesn’t weigh you down =)

  6. DjBazUltra says:

    I do agree what you guys are trying to say, BUT if you are an average person and don’t get much protein for your body from the daily food then Supplements does help.
    By supplement i mean Whey proteins and other pure supplements.

    I don’t believe in the capsules non-sense though

    And also getting the right natural food may be a bit pricey for some and may not have time to have lets say 6-8 meals a day.

  7. jaja thats what my mon told me, yost a waist of money its yost mental i yost bought mega men extreme athlete last supplement iam gona try if it dosent help me iam gona quit supplements

  8. 2silverdragon2 says:

    type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

  9. xxxxLEADERxxxx says:

    @NauticalDisaster The majority of the time it is true, you just haven’t lived long enough to find out. Your going to believe what you want no matter what anybody tells you just like your going to do whatever you want regardless of how many people you see damaged. All these people doing heavy lifting and for what? Don’t you know that heavy lifting will take it’s toll on your joints when you get older? Do calisthenics and watch what you eat and maybe you’ll live to be 70!

  10. NauticalDisaster says:

    Supplements can separate good results from great results. But you gotta do SMART supplementing, not like go in and buy the most expensive cause it sounds cool. Do some research first, don’t go in and 100% trust the salesperson to give you unbiased information.

  11. NauticalDisaster says:

    @hunterz2006 Yeah mang, keep it simple. If I had to boil it down, best supps are: multi-v and omega oil (which are good for anyone), whey protein is good, creatine and caffeine are great performance boosters and both are safe when used within the recommended doses.

  12. NauticalDisaster says:

    @xxxxLEADERxxxx The majority of the time that’s not at all true.

  13. naughtydawgP says:

    100 % whey protein works well. i only use that. works like a charm

  14. ballereast says:


  15. hunterz2006 says:

    If you got money get whey protein with glutamine, creatine and bcaa added to it, and multi vitamins. Obviously its better to have these things than not as they do make a difference. If you’re tight or can’t afford them its not a problem, results will just come a little slower

  16. Taurine that’s in many energy drinks is bad for you right? Why is that anyway?

  17. infamousxmexican says:

    @AshtonMontgomery im no expert. But i don’t think you should not take any supplements at such a young age. Supplemnets are for people who are advanced in their workout and are kind of “stuck” getting gains and losing fat. U should stay natural until your at least 20 because all those gains will be long term and not artificial. But i know ur young and in a rush to get in shape so do as u please

  18. TeflonPimp says:

    I eat food that contain Omega after i work out and i saw some results. The days when i wasn’t taking food with Omega i didn’t get results fast. I sticking with Omega.

  19. zainzulfiqar says:

    hey my name is zain. im 15 and 217 pounds. im on the school wrestling team and im undefeated. i wanna gain a lot of muscle fast. i just wanna know what is the best type of supplements i can take. and is there a way for me to get taller cause im 5 foot 11 inches and would love to be 6 foot 4 inches. i work out about 3 to 4 hours a day and 5 days a week. i love the gym. i just wanna be tall and strong.

  20. xxxxLEADERxxxx says:

    Don’t take supplements because of what you saw on tv or heard. “IF”, you live to be 70(+) and experienced the physical side effects of smoking would you recommend smoking to your children? “IF”, you live to be 70(+) and experienced the physical side effects of alcohol/liquor would you recommend drinking it to your children? You like supplements with alot of sugar/insulin, talk to Diabetics.

  21. xxxxLEADERxxxx says:

    Truth of the matter is that anything you put into(food/drinks)/on(lotion) your body for a certain amount of time can cause your body to become dependent on it. Meaning, when you stop taking whatever it is, don’t be surprised if there’s side effects in some form. Point is food/drink supplements are for impatient people who aren’t committed to long term natural fitness. It’s the, “I want results now…”, attitude.

  22. xxxxLEADERxxxx says:

    I took MuscleTech’s NaNoVapor(3scoops) before I worked out and MuscleTech’s MassTech(5 scoops) after my workout. I was doing calisthenics(pushups,pullups,chest dips) and was doing about 5 sets@about 20 reps. of my body weight and moved on to adding barbell plates with a chain around my waist(45lb&25lb.). Do supplements work? For me, “YES”, would I recommend using them, “NO”. Why? Side effects! Just like steriods, they can physically help you now but you’ll pay later in some form.

  23. ugoodHomeBoy says:

    what the hell? How much is “one scoop”? Is that like a tbsp. or a quarter cup? Do you know how many “scoops” there are….

  24. If you are 13 and weigh about 120 pounds im slim but i am looking for a six pack in 1 month time what is good food to have and i watched the video but should i buy a supplement to help get abs quicker i have the money to spend a bit what one should i get and how often should i workout

  25. Im 16 and has just started working out my dad says i should take protein after a workout but not for a long time would this help build size?

  26. reikotakagi says:

    type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

  27. TheGangsterUnicorn says:

    haha I can’t wait for my belly fat to open up so that my abs can come outside for fresh air 😀

  28. how do i get a wider waist and smaller lats for summer?

  29. warrior4evar says:

    Great workout, but demonstration that was given by these to both looked
    Like they were struggling to perform a single repetition correctly. Terrible form lol

  30. strong1235 says:

    Isn’t this the exercise that causes some women to have a “coregasm”?

  31. GetSixPackAbsFree says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!

  32. freebee007 says:

    omg i like the enthusiasm of sarah n wants to work side by side her any possibility,
    take me as ur asssistent lol

  33. Alive4Metal says:

    @bigbang1001 the only way to know you are burning lots of calories is on how challenging the workout feels and how hard you are working… if you are just going through the motions then dont expect any big results… or results at all..

  34. Alive4Metal says:

    you know you are doing leg raises right depending on how your abs feels…. this exercise really makes them burn when you get the hang of it, i like to start with my legs straight, and once i cant do them then i switch to knees up till i reach muscular failure hehe… great exercise for really building up those abs and gaining serious core strenght

  35. sweetcarfulheart says:

    hahaha sara probaly thinkin,’please dont ask me to do another hanging leg rasies:)

  36. GetSixPackNow says:

    you always give the best advice, keep it up! check out how to get a six pack fast on my channel!

  37. funincluded says:

    Maybe if she could actually do the exorcise correctly, she wouldn’t sway so much.

    jerking your legs up and then dropping them isn’t right

  38. thefatburningdiet says:

    If you wanna lose weight fast, do what I did
    Go to fatburner. cz. cc and learn how to lose weight easy and quickly!

  39. GoldenoSkyo says:

    sara you’re hot i wanna fuck you in the ass

  40. TheMcmarchelo says:

    depends what you do…i had the same prob…i had some extra fat and i used to run a lot ride a bike but when i got slimmer i lost my muscles…just stop doing any exercise that includes a lot sweating just eat a lot and go only to a gym and do only exercises that includes lifting a lot weight….

  41. tehnubstr99 says:

    sexy 😛

  42. rdhtchpepper21 says:

    hey how long from when you started these did it take you to get the abs and what kind of sets and reps did you do?

  43. rdhtchpepper21 says:

    do intervals they work very well they also speed up your (excuse my spelling) mitabolism

  44. ghtownbabii08 says:

    shut the fuk up u aint got shit!!!! lmao lmao cant even spell what a dumbass

  45. Livelife417 says:


    -epic fail at trying to fail alot’

  46. u prob not got any abs retard

  47. Dude I do this all the timwe and It has really cut my abs to fuck it is the most awesome abdominal excersize and the fastest way to get a full abdominal workout. before tis i have tried akloyt of these stupid machines and wored myself into a rediculous sweat with no results then i done this with my own gym set at home that i made with the harneses and bang my abs were cooked lean as fish with no fat. My friend though i was doing roids. Awesom stuff. My core is now super strong.

  48. kassypajarillo says:

    Sarah!! You looked too cute on this video – someone’s laughing her raises away. :)

    Now, I better try that. Body weight!

  49. LOOOL, this is not how you do the straight leg move… GOD he sucked at those…

    LEGS COMPLETELY STRETCHED… and then you shouldnt go on that fast.. its a slow exercise for maximum effect… gym expert my ass…

  50. hi i have a question.its been 3 months now and ive lost 12 pounds but its not fat that ive lost i believe its muscle that im eating up during my cardio. how can i prevent that from happening and eliminate pure body fat cuz i believe i only need to lose about 5-10 pounds of pure body fat. would i have to consume more calories? oh yea and i try to do bout 20-30 mins of running per day

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