Endo,meso, ectomorph workouts 4max muscle gain and 6-pack abs (hard gainer)

www.scoobysworkshop.com Are you a ectomorph, and endomorph or a mesomorph and how does it affect your nutrition and training?? Its really important you know how to optimize your training for your bodytype. In this video I will explain how to do this so you can maximize your muscle gains and get ripped abs. Pigeonholing people into one of the three body types (endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph) is ridiculous. Its like trying to classify skin color as either black or white, in real life its all shades in between. Genetics play a huge role in bodybuilding but its not as simple as three body types and it doesnt matter anyway! Genetics only determines the magnitude and speed of your results, not what you need to do to obtain them.

It’s Reveal Time! 555 Plus the way Khun’s applying lip balm on his lips is sensational. hehe.
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  1. nabdrumming says:

    o scooby your such a troll haha. seriously though love you videos

  2. bungfaceturtles says:

    my protein shake gives me lots of gas, but not in a bad way FART!

  3. leonf21games says:

    The thing about protein shakes, is it really bad to take some? I take no more than 3 servings (each with 24g of protein, and 120 cal) of ON Gold Standard. Usually one after working aout and the rest I try to spread them out evenly through out the day. But I also get protein from other sources such as eggs, boneless skinless chicken breasts and almonds or oats. Is this diet bad?

  4. Djcol1990 says:

    yeah u have good on ya im just starting out again as im always off and on but this time im gonna go for it

  5. Fx4Ranger2002 says:

    Yeah I was skinny to the point where I looked fucked up, but I didnt have any fat, I was just clarifying my body type. I am 6’2 190lbs now. 6’2 125 were my stats almost 3 years ago before I started lifting. Ive came a long way

  6. Djcol1990 says:

    125 for a 6’2 is skinny

  7. jadakissboi says:

    Uh no… You’re an ectomorph.

  8. ProfessionalGam3rz says:

    Well I am not too fat but I do have a good layer on me and I also am pretty strong so I dont know to what category I belong.

  9. GabezNsane says:

    Soon? He’s in his 50’s brah… been lifting (Naturally) probably since before you were born. Keeping hating!

  10. Fx4Ranger2002 says:

    I would consider myself a mesomorph. Before I started working out I was 6’2 125lbs and there wasnt a bit of fat on me, you could see every vein and muscle in my body, I was small and weak but I had a little bit of muscle. I would classify an ectomorph as that average skinny guy with no muscle definition and more bodyfat.

  11. gaidenofdust says:

    haha had me confused for a few, I was like he said the same thing everytime right?

  12. MrKingPerfect says:

    i was just joshing you calm down just trolling bro (frail ppl)

  13. MarshTheGunner says:

    This guys on the roids, soon those pecks will be tits!

  14. THEInChRiSaBlE says:

    Im going to be mature and not argue over the internet; have a nice day

  15. MrKingPerfect says:

    fag bag

  16. MrKingPerfect says:

    noooo your gay

  17. THEInChRiSaBlE says:

    u gay

  18. MrKingPerfect says:

    suxk my dick mane

  19. THEInChRiSaBlE says:


  20. lightningrodriguez says:

    The three (somatotypes) body types are generic and that most people have a mixture of different – eg a fat muscular person is a Meso-Endomorph – so the theory is correct – the problem is that people who categorise need to use the different types in context.

  21. MrKingPerfect says:

    ayyeee mesomorhps thumbs up

  22. extrusve says:

    wooooooosshh…that’s the sound of his message flying over your head

  23. d1664256 says:

    Right on, Scooby. The ecto, endo, and meso body types are a relic of early 1900s psychology, but they’ve been twisted into bodybuilding dogma. Yes, some people have to work harder than others, but if you believe your potential is limited, than you’ve already made it true.

  24. stickdude566 says:

    lol. that’s the point

  25. xEcstasyx1 says:

    ahahahaha i see what you did there, you so funneh

  26. emmafrost16 says:

    he doesn’t need to show his abs anymore.. his face is enough..

  27. kimsungjun94 says:

    Shy nichkhun 😉 maybe hea only good with his cute sexy face;)

  28. cruzetom1 says:

    Holla! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it and my sister got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it.

  29. TheMihaipopa says:

    Oh hai! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend got amazing Six pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it.

  30. MarkEnduro says:

    Nichkhun is shy XD

  31. Khunniesm says:

    LOVE U KHUNNIE.. Taekuk oangja

  32. lisa90512 says:

    I am so in love with u Khunnie …. How cute u areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *muak muak muak*

  33. MsJadeHuynh says:

    If the belt was off and the pants went down.. me and my pervert mind..

  34. parkahrah09minhyuk says:


  35. Marcus4Health says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!

  36. strawberrypie9 says:

    OMG i totally love this mc! he’s funny and really helping the fans out!! hahaha oh why cant sg have less irritating, bad singlish mcs and more cool MCs like this!!!

  37. paola18zion says:

    loving the MC he is so cool making him do all those things lol. NICHKHUN Gosh SEXY

  38. VickiiValentine says:


  39. oh gosh i love this MC..he is such ridiculous. that makes me happy to see khun do all the thing he says.lol.jjinjja kahamsamida!xDD

  40. wendytran47 says:

    ahhh khunnie im in love with youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

  41. ElikissedMariah says:

    Well, I want to help Nichkhun in “constructing” his abs, I know an exercise that we can do together that can help,… HAHAHA!!!

  42. rvngzilla says:

    Lmao still under construction 😀

  43. SNLadera says:

    it looks like he was checking if he had any

  44. uyenous says:

    He keeps walking around !!!
    I bet hes a shy person !

  45. lemon2901 says:

    i replayed him putting on lipbalm. heehee i’m not a perv. :S

  46. ShyShaz1989 says:

    nichkun use 2 be thin now he got muscle n his shoulder is bigger now

  47. xteedotessx says:

    Lmaao at the host..
    ‘What do you want him to take off? - His belt’..

  48. lili20ana says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I´m breathless!!!
    OMG Khun is so shy but at the same time so sexy

  49. bellahaxhax says:

    i dunno if it’s just me,,,but i think that mc looks like changmin oppa from 2am a bit…smaller size of changmin oppa who’s speaks thailand~~heehee…nichkhun is so cutee~nichkhun..come to malaysia with ur 2pm members..i rily wish 2 meet u guys……

  50. TheToplove says:

    omg he’s so shy hahahaha

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