EVOLUTION OF FITNESS (fitness infomercial parody)

Get ripped at home with no equipment: insanehomefatloss.com?c=4&k=152 How many of these infomercial exercise products do you remember? Check out this video to see some of the biggest (and most HILARIOUS) exercise gizmos of all time. Hope you enjoyed it, and also that you got the lesson behind it…that you DON’T need complicated equipment or gadgets to get in shape. This free video shows you how you can lose belly fat, gain muscle and get six pack abs — with NO complicated equipment or gimmicks sixpackshortcuts.com And if you want to learn how you can burn your belly fat and get a toned “beach body” at home with no equipment, check out my new Insane Home Fat Loss video: insanehomefatloss.com?c=4&k=152 (Insane Home Fat Loss is temporarily closed for signups after the New Year’s Event but you can still check out that video) So sixpackshortcutters…your thoughts? Tell me how you liked the video in the comments! I will read them all and respond to the funniest ones Train hard! Mike PS — Use this link to share this video with your friends! youtu.be

hulsestrength.com CLICK HERE to download the Shrink Wrap Your Abs free e book by my friend rusty moore. He’s all about lookin’ good, but he really knows his stuff when it comes to getting ripped. ENJOY :) In this video Elliott shows you how to get a flat stomach and abs with tummy vacuum exercises.
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  1. TheWrongReasonOG says:

    Like you said your 12. Your all Bone and Skin.

  2. ladibugz says:

    i’m embarrassed to admit how many of these gadgets my family bought…none worked and they all ended up broken, used as clothes racks or eventually in garage sales. well, my dad still has a chest expander that he uses religiously…LOL mike’s molester mustache..

  3. kwantwothree4 says:

    i missed out the infomercial called as.. but then i LOL-ed and i was like hahahahahahahh these are the weight work out guys i see… then i started feeling they were crazy and u were real.. since everyone has a nice body anyways… good job!!!

  4. aligboyakasha says:

    ….. how did he get all this gear?

  5. grislytooth1 says:

    Well no crap >:0

  6. forcemaster245 says:

    After seeing some other spoof videos for shake weight, i think mike’s version is quite mild

  7. LaxCommander says:

    song at 1:11?

  8. The Other Side Of The Light says:

    I have included a video response and am telling all my friends about your channel.

  9. The Other Side Of The Light says:

    Thanks for being an inspiration for my working towards a healthier lifestyle, Mike. Keep cool and keep strong, man.

  10. ZombiezNoScopez says:

    thanks mike a am only 12 and i have a six pack

  11. bionic3130 says:

    your girlfriend,wife ,or whatever is very lucy you’re cute ,and built

  12. bionic3130 says:

    man you could be in movies I think you’re so funny and hey dont judge me ok

  13. ChangingTheSpectrum says:

    That’s just terrifying. Probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  14. WillWolfrick says:

    if 1:24 really worked my right arm would be huge by now

  15. SeanKimStyle says:

    Dude Chest Expander was HUGE in Asia, I mean HUGE LOL

  16. oscarsehlin1992 says:

    Thats hilarious.

  17. nisse427obo says:

    made my day man

  18. Jillian Angela says:

    And I thought this video couldn’t get any funnier !!! 1:26

  19. Jillian Angela says:

    1:13 Never laughed to hard in my life !!!

  20. omgitsjakenjames says:

    Disregard Infomercials, Acquire barbells.

  21. EKanesTV says:

    Please check out this video that refutes some of the information that Mike puts out:


  22. MrGuevara888 says:

    I’m glad to live in the 21. Century!

  23. PodCap24 says:

    i love it how these guys make comedy too

  24. MrSpockZilla1 says:

    I am a thin guy and have pretty developed abs and it drives me nuts when looking myself on the side in the mirror cause it’s like i have a miniature gut out something cause my abs stick out. I hate it So I hope workouts like the frog crunches and dragon flags help. I’ll start doing those.

  25. andr3wHun says:

    man u know a lot of stuff, im happy i subscribed, keep it up :) cheers from Hungary

  26. Crustydraw says:

    i thought it was all the cock pushups or all the bending over toilets at the airports taking it from strangers….

  27. MesseHands says:

    No, that’s because they don’t do anything and stay skinny or they run a lot and burn fat.

  28. WLOfails says:

    all i heard was anal, anus and genitals

  29. visuallyblind09 says:

    I told my friend that is how it will probably have to be removed. Bless his heart though, he believes he can tighten his adominal skin naturally.

  30. jumar1281 says:

    sad consequence of rapid weight loss. i’m not an expert on the issue, but I believe when an obese person looses weight too quick and gets that loose skin, the only way to get it off is by surgery.

  31. this is YOGA

  32. visuallyblind09 says:

    He says he eats anywhere from 1000-1500 calories a day, but that doesn’t include the protein supplements he takes.

  33. Biiaattcchh100 says:

    Yea he needs to get fat again

  34. azbrah1 says:

    i want that shirt!!!!!!!! :(

  35. visuallyblind09 says:

    My friend wants to know how he can tighten his loose skin around his stomach. He has been obese for years and as high as 310 pounds, he dropped about 100 pounds, but has loose skin still. Can you help him?

  36. MiZzMeaDoWz says:

    OMG you are my dream guy,
    this is an amazing video.. i love this tip, it has helped my core strength and stability sooo much!!!! thank you I’m definitely subcribing.

  37. iamforevernyc says:

    U are the only person that I have watched on this topic so far who has explained how to do it clearly. Thanks so much for this video. I will definatly take your advice :)

  38. ThredZonePlus says:

    Can anyone tell me how to send in a video quetion please.

  39. eleonore3205 says:

    Wooow man that exactly what my Kendo master uses to teach me !!! 5 Stars advice !

  40. Jumping on a trampoline is good for this too.

  41. Pitos07 says:

    haha slut! And what do you know about anatomy/physiology?

  42. btownsuperstar says:

    Finally someone who know’s capitalize God, great vid too.

  43. IndianPeople123 says:

    05:33 – haha 😀

  44. xplosion00 says:

    yo elliot, so how frequently shd I do ab vacuums exercises? and how many sets and reps? thanks!

  45. 0NEDOWN says:

    is captains chair leg raises safe?

  46. aLinuxTV says:

    LMAO .. lol around 5min mark …but this is a great stomach addition.. I’m adding it in.. and by L@@Ks of it, Arnold Swinigger did do this eh, coolness !!

  47. Toskana416 says:

    I stayed in the room for the awesome sight. :)

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