fast but safe way to get 6 pack abs?

Question by Sean Sumner: fast but safe way to get 6 pack abs?
hey guys and girls i just want to say thanks for any help ahead of time.

ok i am a 17 year old male about 5’9″ and i weigh about 180-190 pounds i believe (terrible i know) and im sick of the way i look with my stomach fat and my larger then average legs. with these details im sure you already know my dilemma. i just made a goal today to do 100 crunches per day. any other exercises i should focus on? i would like to have a 6 pack before school starts or be well on my way to having them. i start school in about 2 weeks. please help
this is just a random question. but is there any way to get a 6 pack without doing any cardio exercises? again this is just cuz im curious. i do plan on doing cardio exercises
i forgot to mention. if i flex my stomach i can feel muscles around the general area of the 6 pack but i got fat covering it

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Answer by Daniel S
Having a 6 pack is more to do with losing body fat to get the muscles to show. Crunches help for definition but to get them to show you would be better off jogging or doing aerobic activity to lose weight.

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  1. Disturbed in Disturbia says:

    a couple of things, one, it’s going to take along time to get a 6 pack. Don’t worry, I’m trying to get 1 2. Here some tips

    The best excersize to get 6 pack abs is to ride on your bike A LOT. Not just that. u also have to do some excersizes like these:

    bicycle legs: lie on ur back on the ground and extend ur legs in the air. Then basically just do a bicycle motion with ur feet in the air. You should do about 30 of these

    scizzor kicks: lie on ur back on the ground again and extend ur legs in the air. Then spread ur legs apart, and then put them back together again. Ur kind of doing a scizzors motion with ur legs. You should do about 30 of these.

    back hypers: lie on ur stomach on the ground and keep your arms at your side. Then, lift ur whole upper body up and put them back down. This is just basically the opposite of a crunche, do about 20 of these

    Btw, you should be doing all of these daily

    anyway, leg lifts: lie on ur side on the ground and lift ur legs up in the air, and then put them back down. Do about 10 of these on each side

    airbikes: lie on ur back on the ground. Put ur hands behind your head and keep them there for this whole excersize. Lift ur upper body and your left leg while twisting counter clockwise and make ur right hand touch ur left leg. Then do the opposite. You should do about 25 of these.

    1 last thing. it takes a long time to get a 6 pack. So don’t be depressed if you don’t see results within the first 2 or so weeks.

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  2. Doesnt matter says:

    Doing crunches will do you no good unless you loose the body fat covering it, crunches are of course good for you but the fat will block them. You will need to loose weight before you even have a chance of revealing the muscle underneath you’re stomach.

    I myself am 17, 6 feet, 165 pounds and still need to loose 5-10 pounds before i have the perfect 6-pack. If you do full body workout with intense, short cardio in between you will have much better chance at loosing the weight needed to reveal the muscle that is hiding underneath.

  3. cut out all soda, eat more vegetables, start running and doing a lot of cardio, do situps leg lifts crucches

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