Female Six Pack Abs-Sexy Ripped Women

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  1. fastlane133 says:

    @DasAntiNaziBroetchen Shut the hell up if you have nothing positive to contribute to the video. I bet you are a fat slob. These women look great and it takes dedication to get there.

  2. Its sexy if ther just tight not manly ripped

  3. hm abs are woman are nice as long as they arent really really really defined some definition is nice but too much is kinda scary lol

  4. DasAntiNaziBroetchen says:

    I call this: MEN.
    I don’t care what you guys think.
    And btw, i was just clicking on the video to use it as a reference for drawing muscles..

  5. That one at 1:04 is a dude

  6. @12thLeveIWizardKing
    it would be easy if you were like 10

  7. THZOHT3F7K says:

    Welcome to the all new masculinized modern woman folks.

  8. i love a woman with a six pack but the one at 0:45 was just aquard

  9. @BaronRogoff1 what’s wrong with a stick figure? or heavyset…

  10. Gross

  11. sweetXricerockets says:

    @schatjehouvanje745 There’s nothing wrong with getting toned and having strong muscles for women, they are just trying to be healthy is all.

  12. BaronRogoff1 says:

    @SpartanG77 Skinny is not sexy. It just looks like a stick figure.

  13. schatjehouvanje745 says:

    I don`t know why woman are doing this.
    It`s something for males not for females.
    It`s terrible!

  14. @12thLeveIWizardKing a minature six pack on a girl looks nice

  15. 12thLeveIWizardKing says:

    abs look so much hotter on males. :( but I’m a female and still want nice abs. they’re still hot, they just don’t look as hot, i think. but maybe i think that just cause i’m attracted to men.

  16. beautiful…

  17. TheMiegonoriu says:

    some of these girls are pretty but some of these not really…to much mucles

  18. CristinaXNofx says:

    0:37 is nice =)

  19. SpartanG77 says:

    Just stay skinny they should not be RIPPED!

  20. Kiratsuchi says:

    omg dude i love women with abs. it’s so sexy. btw, i’am not a homo. so please don’t anyone reply to me saying im gay. so what if im a guy who likes a girlw ith a little muscle and a tomboy look.

  21. YourLifeSizeBarbie says:


  22. sexy

  23. weak men are intimidated by ripped women…why? cause these women are obviously willing to work alot harder at the gym than they are…but no worries….pretty certain these “ripped” women wouldn’t think that most of these critical, “softie men” were attractive either..:)))

  24. To all the stupid fucking haters commenting: If you don’t like this then why the fuck are you watching you fucking morons?

  25. I do love muscled girls…especially when they have ripped abs! Sooo sexy!

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