Fitness Exercises : How to Get 6-Pack Abs at Home

Six-pack abs are well-defined abdominal muscles that can be achieved at home with a combination of healthy eating and exercises, such as the bridge exercise. Learn how to do exercises for great abs with help from a certified sports performance nutrition adviser in this free video on fitness and exercise.
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  1. she has already got 6 pac… but on her Forehead

  2. DietBorneo says:

    The ONLY solution to consistently lose your abdominal fat and keep it off for good is to combine a sound nutritious diet full of unprocessed natural foods with a properly designed strategic exercise program that stimulates the necessary hormonal and metabolic response within your body.

  3. BigSisSissy says:

    im gonna to these every day about 50 each… wish me luck! :)

  4. ChantellW0 says:

    ima do this twice a day for 2 weeks nd i hope it works great =D!

  5. fuzziebear007 says:

    how many days will i exercise these to see my abs?

  6. DaniellaChristina1 says:

    do you know I have seen some advising on exercise well quite a few but please be advised and believe this you are by far the BEST i have seen. You are slow enough to be understood for beginners un pretentous please go on doing these video cos you will help a lot of people. Also the exercises you do a section at a time (stomach) in this case is enough for people to take in and digest and try but most of all you as a person are great at delivering a really important exercise with motivation and

  7. XxPouringRedRainxX says:

    Candy everyday. Just be sure to split it out as smaller snacks throughout the day.
    Water and milk is something I recommend you to stay away from. Drink much soda and sweet drinks.
    Don’t eat food with much protein. Instead you should eat food with lots of un-natural oils. Try to stay away from all ‘natural’ foods.

    Perfectly formed food plan.

  8. ParrishProtection says:

    @DiMES2112 hahah! that wass meaaaan.

  9. OceanaxFrederickx says:

    shes a reasonable size, especially for a fitness person,. im 13 and started doing these exercises, and they are actually enjoyable and i can feel it working already :) but im gna need a food plan, on what to eat and what not to eat, can anyone help?? :/

  10. her 6pack include her tits

  11. eat well…and run a lot regularly these exercises they dont work

  12. pessoaUtube says:

    @SetnaroD I think you should try the exercises yourself and see its effectiveness

  13. NikkiSooFresh says:

    ashley gas? o_O i’m nikki burp xD

  14. @SetnaroD you can see she has a flat belly even without taking off her shirt.

  15. robortalien says:

    From today 1 do 100 situps 150 pull ups nd 26 push ups everyday how long it will take me to build 6 abs or muscles??replay plz anyone!

  16. TheCatlover90 says:

    for how long can i have abs? i mean for a month?

  17. PlayStationuser216 says:

    seriously, you dont have to exercise for 2 months just to get a pack, just do what i do, put something heavy on both of your foot, and do pull up, for atleast 150 times, ull get 6 pack for sure, trust me it will work

  18. oops, she “forgot” to mention genetics. Really, that is pure evil. Instead she says just do these excruciating excercises for years and years while being pedantic about your diet and if it doenst work – you did it wrong! Do it again and punish yourself extra for failing. Evil.

  19. @Garnica4th

    maybe 2 month.. i think it’s more but i know a way to get 6-pack so mutch faster

    take your legs in 40 degress and hold your legs there in 1 min. and rest 10 sec it will work !!

  20. Garnica4th says:

    if i do 60 sit ups a day how long will it take to get a six pack??? or how many should i do a day to get a six pack in a month or 2

  21. kjbstfriends4eva says:

    im 12 yrs old and ive been trying to lose weight for the longest time and i think this video is the one

  22. @mootj3

  23. SukiTakara892123 says:

    @Sluevano …XDDDD

  24. hahaha i just wanted to see the results, i’m not being a perv. :p

  25. ThePSPHacker100 says:

    @SetnaroD lol..but naah, she’s not so fact, she’s not at all sexy

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