Fitness – How to get a Six Pack IN JUST WEEKS! This Powerful 10 minute routine is sure to give you the six pack you have always wanted. 10 MINUTES! I am asked ALL THE TIME… (which is a good thing ­čśÇ ) *How do I get a six pack…. or *Can you make a video on just abs? Well I hope this answers these questions. But if you still have a question that has gone un-answered… ***SEND ME A MESSAGE*** I am always checking my inbox and I am always responding to your questions. But before you ask, check out my channel and other videos… you just might find the answer to your ponder… AND You should subscribe because in one week I will be having my first… *****GIVEAWAY***** The only way you have a chance of winning is if you subscribe to my channel of course. SO STAY TUNED!
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G to for more free workouts, diet tips and to learn how to get ripped fast. In this video we will show you how to get 6 pack abs fast. YOu only need an exercise ball in this home workout. You will get ripped fast! Come chat with us at Facebook
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. themadbuzzer says:

    did you do´╗┐ this routine ever day ?

  2. LooLwaYne says:

    I’m having´╗┐ a strong Muscle strain, is it ok ??

  3. scirrevent18 says:

    Yo AJ, I’ve got a´╗┐ question for you, You say that if you train 10 minutes a day it’s enough,
    but this vid is only 5 min, so do you have to do this twice for the full 10 minutes?
    please respond

  4. Swedenonly says:

    Hello AJ, i have been´╗┐ watching some of your clips, i have lifted weights since 5 years back, and still i got some useful tips, thanks. But i wonder about this “sixpack clip” how many time at one day should i do it? thanks

  5. 44seahawksfan says:

    I had no fat to begin with and I got a six pack from doing this´╗┐ in just ten days believe it or not when I wasn’t even close to having one. This was a complete shocker to me and this is a good routine.

  6. inder birak says:

    Shave´╗┐ your under arms

  7. theamazingboy21 says:

    How long will it take and how long should I work out for?´╗┐

  8. scirrevent18 says:

    Hey i’m doing this exercise´╗┐ but at the end it doesn’t feels like i’ve worked really hard, though I do the exercises exactly like you. Maybe I’ve misunderstood you, but do you have to do this twice and without rest or something like that? And is this the only thing (exclusive food) you do for your six pack?

  9. NastaScore says:

    of course :) if you fat you need to´╗┐ work a little harder for examlbe do this 2 time a day. In 1-2 monthes you have abs :)

  10. AfterlifeOkamiHD says:

    how long of´╗┐ a recovery time tho?

  11. Mehrzohaib123456 says:

    Hi, have you considered “Belly Fat TorchMax” (google it)? On their website you will find a beneficial free video. This´╗┐ made it easier for Mark to eliminate his tummy fat. Perhaps it will help you too…

  12. MegaAnime94 says:

    Wow lucky all you have to do is change up your diet and do some cardio good´╗┐ luck.

  13. KoOstAs50 says:

    How long have u been doing this so u´╗┐ got the 4 pack?;S plz answer fast=)

  14. MrTmadara says:

    @ZombieSoldierz how´╗┐ long did it take you?

  15. lsmama1129 says:

    How long do you have to do this workout and how many minutes does this workout´╗┐ take? Please respond Thanks.

  16. biker666girl says:

    i want to get a six-pack for the summer (9 weeks) do you think i could get a six pack for that period of time?´╗┐ and thank you for the video

  17. TheAirsoftkid1999 says:

    Got any tips´╗┐

  18. TheAirsoftkid1999 says:

    I’m 12 and almost have a 6 pack but i just need´╗┐ some more stuff like this

  19. DeadSensationMusic says:

    i think so, but you gotta work hard and do the routine RIGHT. don’t do the moves sloppy. you want to feel your abs burn like crazy. you wanna wake up in the morning and feel´╗┐ the soreness in your abs

  20. DeadSensationMusic says:

    i´╗┐ would wait till about 13 14. just because your body isn’t fully matured yet. neither is mine. I’m 14, but still.

  21. DeadSensationMusic says:

    yup. im 14 and i´╗┐ have and i have a six pack now

  22. Dublefuck3000 says:

    I m 14 is it´╗┐ Worth it starting in this Age ?

  23. TheIbrahimabbasi911 says:

    I’m 11 can I do this´╗┐

  24. Peter Hansen says:

    by weeks, how many weeks do you actually´╗┐ mean dude?

  25. fostieris02 says:

    hey bro nice videos!! i have a question for u.´╗┐ when im done with my workout , i usally go to sleep. i that wrong , and if it is , y? plz answer

  26. MrAlej4ndro says:

    hey i been watching your videos for´╗┐ a while and there awsome! one question do u i need the equitments that you use because i dont have them? can you please reply in a mesege?

  27. riojas21 says:

    good. time´╗┐ to try

  28. 9705765145 says:

    Hiyaaaa! Have you thought´╗┐ about – fast abs magic (search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got beautiful Six pack abs and lost a truck load of of belly fat with it.

  29. milan5573 says:

    Alright there! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my father got detailed´╗┐ Six pack abs and lost a ton of weight with it.

  30. emericaordie15 says:

    can i use a hard´╗┐ soccer ball.? >:)

  31. fuitbag says:

    But it´╗┐ works!

  32. fuitbag says:

    This looks ridiculous´╗┐

  33. dagoodstuff12 says:

    hey could you do me a favor? im on the verge of geting my sixpack from showing and a lot of the other´╗┐ exercises just dont seem to do very much anymore….ive been working on my sixpack for 2 months now and so i was wondering if u could make a video/list of the TOUGHEST exercises there are with using minimum equipment….the only equpment i have made for exercise is a bench press,weights for it,and an exersise ball…this wold be a huge favor to me…thank you

  34. MikeCOYS18 says:

    are u the guy who lost´╗┐ tonnes of weight in 7 months?

  35. SuperDojoman says:

    5 peoples´╗┐ is fat and lazy.

  36. godag45 says:

    What can i do, if i don’t have an exercise ball, and want to train my´╗┐ lower abs?? :)

  37. dr2sexy says:

    is´╗┐ that really working?

  38. MANRAKE123 says:

    este es un gordo atrapado en el cuerpo de´╗┐ un flaco

  39. dionegalea says:

    very good´╗┐ trianing.

  40. 123systemlord says:

    Eine Riesen belastung f├╝r´╗┐ den R├╝cken ?_?

  41. Algastar says:

    i would say do it every other day, and do some sort of cardio exercise´╗┐ right before you do this workout. you won’t get a six pack if you have any fat

  42. LiveHaloLife says:

    i was in the middle of´╗┐ the first workout and i accidently kicked my computer and part of it broke : (

  43. LostLurre says:

    Is there anyone that´╗┐ can coach me for fast results of weight loss and six packs then please send me a PM and I’ll give you more information.

  44. JaanMattti says:

    Super! Exactly what I’ve been looking for.´╗┐ Thanks :)

  45. baeronautics says:

    this is not as easy as it looks!´╗┐ damn its hard!

  46. MikeSharingHisMusic says:

    I’m a 15´╗┐ year old boy, btw.

  47. ricardogommeren says:

    the reason you dont get´╗┐ many views is because you are not a girl with big tits. But your tutorials are better.

  48. MikeSharingHisMusic says:


    I saw this video and I immediatly tried it.
    But my question is: how often do´╗┐ I have to do this to get nice results?
    Like once a day, or twice? Or more, or less?

    sorry for my bad english ­čśë

  49. Moonchild1607 says:

    Could someone give me the names of´╗┐ the workouts shown in this video? Also in the order they are shown please.


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