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  1. Halo2isgay87 says:

    sweet jesus

  2. paksallion says:

    its all about how you look and how you present yourself, 1st impressions count 100%. if you’re better looking you will lead an easier life, if you’re an ugly ducklin and you’re successful, you’ve probably worked hard to get where you are. thats just life lol

  3. AltheAlthe says:

    I’m going to try this workout today and see how it goes =) Thanks for the great tips on your blog Zuzana!

    As for body image and beauty…to be quite honest, I judge girls more than I do guys (but not severely in any way). On the other hand, beautiful guys don’t intimidate me as much as beautiful girls.

  4. theknowall3000 says:

    Well hot & Attractive people usually easier of getting the first impression, but if they do not have intelligence or quality to back themselves up, they are not attractive once people start to know them:)

  5. tonycatman says:

    A girl who takes care of her body is easier to respect.

    However it is no fun to chat up a girl who thinks she is doing you a favour by talking to you because she thinks she is attractive.

    The only reason guys bother with this type of girl is to make their friends jealous.

    The best kind girl is a hot girl who thinks she is ugly !

  6. StalinTheMan0fSteel says:

    don’t ever lose that accent, zuzana….it’s too cute.

  7. nicollo9 says:

    People notice beauty first, but the assertion that people won’t notice one’s intelligence or sense of humour because one is gorgeous is pretty lame. After having a conversation with someone you get a decent idea of their personality and what’s going on upstairs. Whether a person *cares* if the other is all looks and little substance is another matter; maybe they just want arm candy.

  8. hahahaha….

    FYI. Believe it or not some men prefer to train simply for functional strength, flexibility and all the things that come with it. Some people see fitness as an art not of good looks in an attractive sense but in an aesthetic sense. Or they may just enjoy the activity whether it be running or martial arts. Maybe they just can’t afford a car and biking makes them fit.

    Not every man works out to be attractive, gay, or creepy (those, of course, are mutually exclusive). Some do.

  9. Talk about food and show yourself eating and shoping for healthy food

  10. Jump rope exercise

  11. bearmare says:

    The workout room, with that wall lighting, looks a bit like a torture chamber. Torture chamber for torture-workouts — get it?

  12. Vamperor45 says:

    God damn

  13. missuchecker says:

    Hey, that’s your new top, looks great!

  14. jamieleeeq says:

    And again, thank you Zuzanna for being completely awesome. You are definitely the full package! Thanks for posting these videos; they are extremely helpful.

  15. jamieleeeq says:

    I have no sympathy for people who think their lives are tough because they are consider themselves too good looking. I mean, it’s all in how you present yourself, isn’t it? A good looking woman does not have to dress herself up. She doesn’t have to look flashy or wear make up. An unattractive woman has far less options available to her. If you have a good personality, it’s going to shine through no matter what. Being too “good looking” is just a sad excuse for having a mediocre personality.

  16. thats the shirt u bought, nice :)

  17. ditto!

  18. rozzombie says:

    sexiest ass ever

  19. Thanks for the wonderful exercise demonstrations!

  20. MiiLEYxoxFAAN says:

    visit my blog you skinny bitches, hahah you kill me :)

  21. EternalAddictionz says:

    luv the work out!


    This is torture.

  23. you have a very intense workout routine
    keep up the good work :]

  24. WOW!!!!

  25. flutterby4242 says:

    I don’t think it is fair to say that beautiful people never develop an attitude and simply go through life without challenges. Thin, beautiful people have different life challenges than overweight people. Neither life is easy but thats the whole point of going through life, to grow. No two people live the exact same life, so you really shouldn’t lump people together based on things like weight. That’s part of what i think is wrong with the world today.

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