Flat Belly Workout – Abs and Obliques Workout to Tone Stomach

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1 trick for six pack abs: sixpackshortcuts.com In this video I show you a full body workout you can do at home with only 1 light dumbbell. You can also use a kettlebell, or even a jug of water with a handle if you like. This is a great workout to do if you don’t have gym access, and want to work out your full body, fast. It’s great for functional strength, short, intense cardio, and to help with fat loss. It will also help build total body muscle as well (especially for beginners to exercise). To challenge yourself, try and do as many sets as possible within the 10 minutes. If you have any questions about this workout, leave me a COMMENT below! While I can’t respond to every comment, I will try and respond to as many as possible. And if you’d really like to take the fast-track to getting into killer shape, I recommend you check out this free video on my site: sixpackshortcuts.com It’s about “Afterburn Training,” which is my secret weapon for building muscle while also burning belly fat and staying very lean. It’s a totally new style of training combining the best weight training exercises with high intensity cardio, and it produces incredible results. Learn more about Afterburn Training here: sixpackshortcuts.com PS — Use this link to share this video with your friends! youtu.be


  1. FitnessBlender says:

    Looooove the burrrrnnn ;D

  2. FitnessBlender says:

    In combo with healthy eating & cardio, certainly.

  3. FitnessBlender says:

    It’s hard for us to tell why it might hurt or how to modify the movement without more information. If it hurts in a bad way, I would recommend stopping until you can find out why your hip is hurting you.

  4. cassandradowning says:

    Does this get rid of a muffin top or as some ppl call love handles

  5. cassandradowning says:

    I have the same question

  6. TunaHelper19647 says:

    Ffffeeelling the burrrnnnn >.<

  7. thebeastsebastian says:

    hurts in a bad way.

  8. FitnessBlender says:

    Hurts in a good way (muscles) or bad way? How does it hurt?

  9. thebeastsebastian says:

    is there another way to do the side hip raise cause when I come back up from raising my side it hurts my hip to much?

  10. FitnessBlender says:

    Ab workouts do not necessarily burn “ab fat”. Nothing really burns ab fat, you have to lose fat allover your body (you can’t spot reduce). You need a combo of allover toning workouts, regular cardio, and healthy eating. It doesn’t make abdominal workouts pointless, you just need to realize that you can’t do it without all 3.

  11. do i have to be slim to expect result like burning ab fat because once i read that doing ab workouts won’t really burn ab fat and it doesn’t have point if i’m not skinny and just want to make it completely flat. Is that true or i can do them for losing weigh and burning ab fat?

  12. FitnessBlender says:

    As long as it doesn’t cause you any discomfort, it should be okay. You can always talk to your medical doctor to make sure everything is okay. Thank you for watching!

  13. tayanney says:

    Should my hips pop/make a weird noise when doing the W leg raises? Love you guys videos!

  14. sonsuenos says:

    Will this workout get rid of lovehandles????

  15. lenin monsur says:

    Sup, have you thought about this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My coworker says it helps people get thinner.

  16. loukat126 says:

    shut up pussy

  17. FitnessBlender says:

    Hi there, you can find it for sale on our website; fitness blender (dot) com

  18. akaur86 says:

    where’s your 8 week fat loss program? Thanks.

  19. FitnessBlender says:

    Woot woot! Amen.

  20. well i’m not fat, and would much rather work out at home, and i get much better results-especially with Fitnessblender!!

  21. FitnessBlender says:

    You are likely are eating too much or not working out hard enough. Many/most people grossly overestimate their calorie burn and underestimate the number that they are eating.

  22. Teh Merkimzy says:

    If I haven’t really lost anything significant after about 5 weeks..what should I do

  23. FitnessBlender says:

    Regular cardio, healthy eating & total body strength training. Consistency is key. You could always try our 8 Week Fat Loss Program, people are seeing great results with it. Glad you liked the video!

  24. 111blackandwhite222 says:

    This is so good…I am 5.3″, 190lbs, want to loose weight… will surely try & keep sending updates. Plz give me some tips…

  25. FitnessBlender says:

    Regular cardio, allover strength training, healthy diet.

  26. AsianTeenBodybuilder says:

    if your not sore your probably not pushing yourself to the maximum. take a look at my channel!

  27. AsianTeenBodybuilder says:

    ***AsianTeenBodybuilder*** The name speaks for itself! Click on my channel to see an INSANELY ripped teen bodybuilder with a six pack!!!! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!!!

  28. jonnrules1 says:

    Hey Mike everyday I do sprints, pullups, chinups, pushups, situps, dips, swim, run, bike, p90x (insanity), weights, and just stay active with friends. I have been working out for almost 2 years now everyday (except holidays). Anyways, I am 13 and haven’t been sore since last year when I started. Am I supposed to be sore?

  29. Nash4MVP2012 says:

    @kashishvashist Damn dude ur freakin strong for a 15 year old 15 kg is bout 30 pounds right?

  30. jimmyjam9014 says:

    wut does the half burpy workout?

  31. Warchief7791 says:

    I think try 3-2kg dumbel and it would be ok.

  32. wemolaski says:

    thanks bro im working on getting pumped.

  33. S3aCa1mRa1n says:

    thanks brotha im wondering i dont sweat that mcuh is it because i dont drink enough water wich is the shortest amount of time you have heard somone got a six pack

  34. Anfie001 says:

    Hey Mike, for someone who is just starting out these exercises, what dumbells weight should be used???? Thanks

  35. chrisjonable says:

    brah, i’ve been working out for years and this is the most i’ve sweated :)

  36. au5t102 says:

    this work out is the shit

  37. khane92 says:


  38. MrKilluminati248 says:

    Nice.There is a Xbox 360 Elite 😀

  39. kashishvashist says:

    do you think its ok for a 15 year old to life weights i do 10 reps 3 sets and my dumbells are 15kg

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  41. eDyRaYaDo23 says:

    mike ,will this workout help me build muscle sorry im barely strting with weights and i need to start doing muscle funny thing i only own one dumbbell at the moment lol

  42. PaulMcLaughlin1 says:

    drenched in sweat.. well done dude.

  43. JAMMERS1997 says:

    what KG dumbbell does he use?

  44. SmallCreator says:

    misses the swing, hits the balls.

  45. Richnagga92 says:

    Can I do this everyday??

  46. 989lmao says:

    can we do this for a bit longer like 15 or 20 mins

  47. estrada alex says:

    Great technique sensei.. Lol
    are those boardshorts??

  48. polkovdurka says:

    Hey, have you considered this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My mother in law says it helps people lose weight faster.

  49. polkovdurka says:

    Hey, have you considered this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (go search google). My mother in law says it helps people lose weight faster.

  50. PumperUK says:

    Lol I got the full program on ebay by searching ‘m.chang sps’ and found insane home fatloss and Shaun T’s Insanity as well on the same listing!

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