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  1. nigahiga9956 says:


  2. TheWingkuribo says:

    @MyFrugalFitness hey cool videos i have a question should i workout even thou im just 13?

  3. SuperTX1000 says:

    @SuperTX1000 lool I forgot to say this does the protein powder thing work? Did it work for you, I looked on the internet some were claiming its a myth

  4. SuperTX1000 says:

    @MyFrugalFitness thanks man 😀 I’m suprised your not getting as much youtube attention as all the other big guys like scooby, your advice is great thanks you to :)

  5. MyFrugalFitness says:

    @SuperTX1000 Ya that is a pretty solid choice, you can’t really go wrong with that one. I would say go for it, hope it helps. Work out hard and work out smart!

  6. SuperTX1000 says:

    @MyFrugalFitness thanks, would you say whey protein be safe choice, like whey 100% gold standard?

  7. MyFrugalFitness says:

    @SuperTX1000 I’m a big fan of Dymatize Elite XLT for anyone, it’s cheap as hell if you get it online on Amazon or AllStarHealth, pretty good quality, and very good nutritional content. I’d say for your age you could take a half scoop once or twice per day for a little extra protein if you are doing weight training consistently. When I was 15, I put on a lot of muscle and strength with just Carnation Instant Breakfast, tons of skim milk, and lots of peanut butter alone, no supplements!

  8. MyFrugalFitness says:

    @cocoacarly1 You are very kind :)

  9. MyFrugalFitness says:

    @Mbeebeelove Thanks so much for watching, tons more videos coming soon!

  10. MyFrugalFitness says:

    @Airmaster167 Awesome! Hope the workout does great things for you!

  11. SuperTX1000 says:

    hey dude I brought the p90x, just wondering what protein powder would you recommend, I dont seem to get enough so I want to get a powder that suits me (i’m 15 years old)

  12. Saminizer16 says:

    @jdhf983y4uhu Thanks m8, will try it out. Hopefully this will work for me as well :)

  13. Perfect 6 pack abs and hot deep wide belly button !

  14. cocoacarly1 says:

    Hubba Hubba. Zing zing. Man he got everything. LOL.

  15. Mbeebeelove says:

    greatttt thanks! ♥

  16. jdhf983y4uhu says:

    @Saminizer16 just diet for 2 weeks and do those bicycle crunches, planks and spiderman pushups every few hours and some hiit workouts and drink lots of water. that works for me. it sounds like you have a similar build to me.

  17. Airmaster167 says:

    wow, those 8 minutes went by really quick. the ones i couldn’t do was the atomic crunches, very advanced exercise.

    Thanks for the workout. I’ll be adopting this as my ab workout instead of 30×3 crunches.

  18. Saminizer16 says:

    Probably a dumb question, but will this workout help towards getting v-cut abs? I have currently a visible six-pack however, my goal now is to lose some love handles and get a v-cut. Damn things have been bothering me since elementary school -.-

  19. Totally OT, but I love your room! :)

  20. melikecookies1000 says:

    @MikeSchiemerCPT ah, ok! thanks, you’re a cool person. This might be a silly question but, you must be a fitness trainer, aren’t you? i’ll watch your new vid you’ve just uploaded.

  21. melikecookies1000 says:

    @Airmaster167 what? really? i didn’t know that… well i learned something today.. :)

  22. MikeSchiemerCPT says:

    @Frod Great job again on your ab workout video, hope it’s been working for ya!

  23. MikeSchiemerCPT says:

    @Airmaster167 Haha good call! I will make a grunting video at some point, I’ll try to make it as funny as possible lol

  24. MikeSchiemerCPT says:

    @yastunt You are too kind! Thanks so much for your support!

  25. MikeSchiemerCPT says:

    @melikecookies1000 Thank you so much man! I really appreciate your views and support. Yeah they usually just post quick tips or workout tidbits so you buy their expensive program, I try to post plenty of full exercise demos and workouts among other things. Lots coming soon!

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