Get Six Pack Abs in Under 2 Minutes . It Works!! How to get six pack abs doing this very powerful workout. You will get ripped abs in less then 2 minutes per day. Remember its more important to diet if you want to see a well defined six pack., need to be at a low body fat to be able to see your six pack. 5 different exercise for 20 seconds each. Remember to keep your tight as tight as you can. Leg Raise Fluttler Kicks Leg Raises Bicycle Crunches (Dont Pull your Neck!) Plank Hold The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Fitness. The bodyweight experts know as the Barstarzz have put together a very comprehensive and easy to follow guide into the world of fitness through bodyweight training. With over a hour of footage!! Plus bonus videos. You will see never before seen moves, along with instruction on some of the most extreme moves in the calisthenic world, routines on how to put those moves to work best for you and your workout, The best way to do cardio, how to build muscle with no supplements, how to get a six pack, what food you should stay away from, how to increase flexibility, the fastest correct way to lose fat, how to treat tendonitis, increase your vertical leap and much much much more this Dvd is Jam packed with information, we had to use dual layer dvds Wether your new into fitness or a expert this Dvd will help you master bodyweight training and give you the results you always been looking for without a gym or supplements. Like us on Facebook Follow us at Twitter Follow
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  1. @lsw950204 No. Six pack abs are made in the kitchen.

  2. crimsonmonieful says:

    @steinerkids It’s called genetics. Most people’s abs look different. Just like most people’s faces look different.

  3. Will this help with losing belly fat also?

  4. hoganator999 says:

    5 awkward silences love it 😛 <3

  5. manu9594vlc says:

    Want to ask a thing, you guys work your abs every day of training? or you train day yes, day not, or how

  6. iMortenTuneFootball says:

    Hey! I just wondering,, Shouldnt your core muscles have 48 hours rest? Or is it okay to do this every day? :)

  7. This is my Favorite Video which i do every Day
    emediatly after weaking up!!!

  8. BillKiernan says:

    @Daydreamer1083 not necessarily, it helps though. as long as you’re making sure your body is straight, your core muscles are going to get worked. i always doubted them, until i started doing them for time, they hurt like hell.

  9. Daydreamer1083 says:

    I’ve always wondered what planking does. I know it gives you a strong core, but do you have to keep your stomach tight (hold your stomach in) while you’re planking?

  10. dylantreger says:

    @br3nnnn Do the 3 sets with 2 min pauses. Will fatigue your muscles more giving you better results.

  11. @HaLfSniiPezZ1 man its a 2 minute workout, if you have more body fat, your going to have to have it for a longer period of time like instead of it taking you 4 months mabe itll take 10.

  12. HaLfSniiPezZ1 says:

    LOOOOOOL UNDER 2 MINS BULLSHIT , it takes more time depending on your fat levels

  13. I have a question, i’ve been doing this workout for about 2 weeks now and im really satisfied. But i would like to step it up a notch. Which of following do you recommend? Do the workout 3 times a day: morning, afternoon and evening OR do the workout 3 sets in a row with 2 minute pauses between?

  14. @steinerkids Lmfao

  15. steinerkids says:

    WTF is wrong with your six pack?????

  16. The models back is really arched in the beginning that’s a big no no when working core.

  17. U have to do it till u can t do any more… and your body fat has to be under 10%(for man), by the way you can train abdominals every day…

  18. @montylava1 I’m skinny but this one perfectly works for me!

  19. montylava1 says:

    it does not work and im skinney
    wow so wake’

  20. ReverendX1 says:

    Ive been doing this.. and “as you can see” it works. lol

  21. BojislavPushka says:

    great workout, my abs are burning after this

  22. why the false informations?this won’t get you a sixpack.getting a sixpack depends on person’s bodyfat level.this is a good exercise for abs,i did it always after my training for a few years,but lowering the bodyfat is crucial in getting abs,not this.

  23. 2014bigblue says:

    This routine gave me a run for my money lol

  24. i do it at 05:00 lokal time
    3 min warm up with sean paul
    then 2 min here then 8 min abs!!
    i eat what i want hole day, except at evening
    and every morning i do some more gym!!!
    and it works !!! i can see them !!!

  25. what time of day is best to do it? and after eat bofere? what time ??

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