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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. SuperTanji4ka says:

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  2. sanyahmed02 says:

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  3. qasimawan1000 says:

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  4. supersexy101 says:

    this shit is too advanced

  5. TxStroke23 says:

    @ipodapps1178 eat small well-balanced meals every 2-3 hours. 5-6 meals is the optimal amount

  6. SixPackAbs077 says:

    nice video!

  7. ihos501 says:

    tell them that!!! tell them that cardio sucks lol, I love they way you said it, well said mate.

  8. ipodapps1178 says:

    How do u raise your metabolism high??? Without using weights

  9. superhowtoloseweight says:

    I cannot wait to watch your next….very educative!!

  10. GetSixPackAbsFree says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!

  11. seanom23 says:

    no man you’d want to build muscle for a few months than do lots of cardio to lose bodyfat and maintain muscle

  12. diamondhot000 says:

    Stop biotching and get surgery. That’s what all the cool people do! XD

  13. ReZeeR93 says:

    @gokunarutosal one somehow cancels the other one out. Thats what some other video said lol

  14. gokunarutosal says:

    Can you burn fat and build muscle at the same time ?

  15. de1dezire says:


  16. toocooldude09 says:

    They definetly should teach stuff like this in P.E. class instead of the stupid crap they teach. I learned more about physical fitness by reading books, magazines, and informational videos like this one (which actually worked and I noticed results) compared to P.E.

  17. jreily88 says:


    You should definitely do some HIIT cardio, sort of like MMA training, because military training, not that I would know about it first hand, is pretty much all endurance based. By the way, thanks for your service to our country!

  18. MrRastaAssassin says:

    They should teach this in P.E not play silly games like ping-pong and Bagmintom. I have a question, Im joining the Army soon (2-3months) and atm I’m on a weight training plan 2x a week, but i want to get really fit for the training. Is it ok that a have 3x cardio workouts a week ? Like the ones you where explaining on the video. Thanks

  19. happytobeproud says:

    great video thanks man!!!!

  20. lasswdaw1 says:

    Hi, I got one question, is it better for abs if you do them every day, or every other day? and I also first do exercises for all abs in general (side, lower, middle, and upper) and then concetrate on just one of them, is that good or should I do only one specific ? can you please give me some tips about that, how to work them out…. and I also train swimming, if that means anything ….

  21. mastaspartan117 says:

    @psychomonkey93 yea but there are different regions of the muscle. That’s why some people have a good core but no good obliques. And then thats why their are diffrent workouts.

  22. Hello! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my auntie got ripped 6 pack abs and lost lots of fat with it.

  23. masterkillz4 says:

    what if, this gives annoyance towards my tail bone?

  24. ManOnTheMoon72 says:

    oh yea, cus we all have a hanging straps……… or something to hang from.

  25. kumarsyantang says:

    Oh hello! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my sister lost a lot of weight with it.

  26. psychomonkey93 says:

    its good to have a variety of ab workouts but its all one muscle

  27. psychomonkey93 says:

    um thats a good workout and all but any ab workout will workout all your abs because your abs are all one muscle that support the back they arent split in to upper and lower abs

  28. BlaizeAssasin says:

    apparently if you use the bar it’s better because it also works your other abs because of the tension.

  29. sootty21 says:

    Just out of curiousness, how long did it take you to transform your body to its current state?

  30. noobhay2 says:

    i really like your vids but i don’t know what excercise routine to do. at the moment my workout is crunches until i can’t do anymore.i rest for a minute or 2. then planks until i can’t do anymore. i rest again. then i do leg crosses and bicycles in the air till i can’t do anymore and then i rest. then i repeat this once more. i take like 30-40 minutes to do this. but i can only fairly see 2 abs that are at the top. so what am i doing wrong?

  31. thebestnegrawh says:


  32. anna5374 says:

    at the start i was trying to figure out what kind of accent u had, coz no offence but u sounded a bit indian

  33. 43aaronlewis says:

    hey i know it sounds stupid but i got a six pac but its not a good 6 pac because it looks all over the place how do i get the perfect 6 pac

  34. deavilvalnar says:

    @ 4:20 u sound like michael jackson :))

  35. GyalisAndino says:

    did u get a six pack from these exercises?

  36. entertainment033 says:

    What is this thing call in which you are hanging ? i am not talking about hanging bar i am talking about the rubber band what is it ? i mean what its called ?

  37. AAX2dreadamro says:

    isnt there another way of the 2nd exercise??lyk i dont have a ball :( i have a gym in my building with everything except the pullup but i have a equipment butthe 2nd one …. juss dunno >.< uff

  38. tojakobdk says:

    do you workout your abs every day? i do my trainers say that your abs only need 6 hours of healing.

  39. MrArcherykid says:

    @moricestreet909 do you have anything for shoulders biceps and triceps?

  40. MrArcherykid says:

    do you have anything for shoulder and biceps?

  41. otodaz87 says:

    great info bro!! it really helped me out

  42. baeronautics says:

    @moricestreet909 do u have anything for thighs and calves?

  43. amphetaminebreakfast says:

    hey i was just wondering what a target BFP should be to actually get a defined six pack. i got about 10% and it doesn’t even seem close

  44. boyscout244 says:

    i have a bmi of 20 and i want to kno if i do ur exercises how long will it take to get a six pack

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