Greg Plitt: Abs Workout – MET-Rx Training

Watch Greg Plitt Workout Also join us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter @Official_Metrx Train with Greg Plitt for a fitness enthusiast workout. In this segment, Greg covers Abs workouts.
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  1. 60-40-50 reps.. simple!

  2. Archergod says:

    Funny I was expecting more of “Fk u you dun quit or ur a fling loser. The winner fking takes all at the end of the day. Do or die u mutha fker!!!” kind of thing.

  3. johnsboxinggym says:


  4. Emiel000 says:

    How to train lower abs if I don’t have and my gym doesn’t have a roman chair?

  5. Emiel000 says:

    Thanks for downloading my metrx training video.
    NP BRO

  6. MrCaesar001 says:

    Better than ScottHerman

  7. MrCaesar001 says:

    cool workout!

  8. southport97 says:

    Abs are 90% diet people.

  9. tiddy142 says:

    hes not swearing its so weird

  10. TheWillneverdead says:

    lower your body fat, but sometimes that’s all your ever have, genetics….

  11. LiLJo5H says:

    Now this is how I want my body to look haha, i’m getting there

  12. kerynkeryn5 says:

    lower abs dont show, so hence the four pack abs

  13. ULikeMyVideoQc says:

    omg I learned so much in this video Thanks !

  14. 3 sets/ 60-50-40 reps?!….start off at 15-10-10 for me lol

  15. KiwiDillan23 says:

    hes on clen…

  16. Goody908 says:

    how do u have four pack abs?

  17. How do I rid the curse of four  pack abs???

  18. luckoftheazn says:

    this video was super helpful…

  19. JayDerrty says:

    great workout……if you’re a bodybuilder. and the abs aren’t seperated into upper and lower. it’s all one muscle. this means that when the nervous system fires to contract them…’s all or nothing.

  20. shumacherful says:

    very nice

  21. deejaylovesandi says:

    awesome. i usualy lift my legs 90 degrees on leg lifts! dammit! at least now i know not to.

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