Hints and Tips to Build and Train Killer Abs Six Pack

Hints and tips on how to build and train killer abs| amazing six pack. This will help you to build a strong core and give you a good foundation for those dieing to get killer abs| six pack.


  1. BazBlog says:

    I believe by eating the 6 small meals a day you will have enough energy needed and your body will not use muscle for the energy. Do some extra aerobics so you burn off the excess fat. Cut back slightly on the carb intake per meal. Take your time and a lot of it is by trial and error. Get to know how your body works. Baz

  2. Awso0ome says:

    how can i expose my abs without losing muscles just lose belly fat?

  3. BazBlog says:

    I take that as a massive compliment. Baz

  4. BazBlog says:

    You need to lose fat so you can see them. You will need to do leg raises, crunches and sit ups which maks them stand out. If you are fat you will not see them even if they are there. Baz

  5. trek1in1muffin says:

    @BazBlog i am 14, and how can i get an abs the fastest, i am netherlands and dont really always know what u mean :s

  6. KingP1N786 says:

    my god, i cant believe he’s 60 now

  7. BazBlog says:

    – your abs will show not because of the exercise but much more by the way you eat. You have to lose body fat. Of course you must do some exercise but i certainly would never do 300 sit ups. I would do no more than 5/6 sets of 12-15 reps of leg raises with weights and 4/5 sets of crunches with a weight on your chest if you are able to do them too easy. If you eat right you will have amazing abs. Do some aerobics every day to burn extra fat it really helps. Baz

  8. tommygunner13 says:

    Baz i’ve still got fat to burn on my stomach but my abs are so close to coming out, all i usually do is 1 set of 300 sit ups and 3 sets of 10 leg raises, those two exercises have done heaps for my stomach, would u recommend i keep doing that or break the situps up into several sets? what do u normally do for abdominals? Thanks

  9. BazBlog says:

    – that is fantastic that it is working for you. Well done!!! Baz

  10. ihatelols says:

    Good tip 😉
    I am using the bench meant for abs , i am holding double 24kg kettlebell on my shoulders …
    Just sayimg how i do :)

  11. ihatelols says:

    LOL, that is exactly what i thought !!!

  12. BazBlog says:

    – thanks very much for the kind compliment. Baz

  13. whodat16ip says:

    No way, this whole time I thought you were around late 30s and early 40s..thats great

  14. rahmanrustaie says:

    if you want to lose fat you will need to cardio work like running or biking, stuff that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat.

  15. BazBlog says:

    – Thanks very much that is a wonderful compliment. Baz

  16. THEIAN11 says:

    baz you say you are almost 60, you look around 30

  17. BazBlog says:

    – that would be the best thing to actually see what you mean. It is really hard for me to imagine what the problem is. Brilliant about the record you want to achieve. I wish you the very best of luck. Baz

  18. PsychoFlounder says:

    Yeah man I have like no fat at ALL! I go running nearly every day. I must show you a video of what my body looks like, I have stopped working out with weights ages ago so that I can do the guinness world record for fastest punch. I am still in very good shape. my abs have always been flat, maybe i have no fat to build abs? I dont know. But I will demonstrate all this to you in a private video. As well as the sort of skin I am carrying, you will think its quite weird.

  19. BazBlog says:

    – wow that seems rather strange. To have that level of body fat and not have visable abs does not seem right. You should at least see the top 4. You might not be quite correct with your percentage fat that you say. Some people really battle to lose their fat around the abs and some people never get lower abs only the top 4. Often to see them you have to flex. Baz

  20. PsychoFlounder says:

    I have like less than 6% fat and still cant see my abs. I do 50 leg ups and 80 sit ups with 30 k on my chest. I can get serious defenition everywhere else in my body except my abs. I have alot of skin which I can naturaly stretch 3 or 4 inches off my arms and 5 off my stomach.

  21. BazBlog says:

    – it is never to late to start. I am living proof of that. I will send you a plan that I still use and it has really worked well for me. Baz

  22. aman113 says:

    Hi baz, I haven’t been training for ages and gotten bit chubby over the years but now that I see you working hard it makes me feel like shi* so I want to get started. So do you recommend I sort out my diet and then start working out or shall I do both? So please provide me guidance thx

  23. BazBlog says:

    – pleasure my friend. Baz

  24. Kypaav says:

    Thanks alot! That is very kind of you. Keep up your good videos

  25. BazBlog says:

    – no problem. I would just stay away from heavy weights for another 2 years but that does not mean you cannot train and build a fantstic foundation. I will send you some info to help you with some ideas. Baz

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