Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 1 – Get 6 Pack Abs

Get 6 Pack Abs at home here: www.athleanx.com Week 1 of the “Home Abs Workout” series. When people search for an “6 pack abs workout” they usually look for one that they can do at home. “Abs workouts” are by far the most requested workouts since the elusive “6 pack abs” is one of the most recognizable symbols of fitness. See any guy on the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine and the first thing you’ll notice is a etched out set of six pack abs. The quickest way for you to get into the same shape is with an equal balance of good nutrition and a unique set of abs exercises. Yes, I said unique. The problem with too many “abs workouts” is that they are telling you to simply do the same exercises you’ve been doing over the last months and years in the gym with little to no results. As the old saying goes, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing then you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. In this, the first week of 12 of the Home Abs Workout Blitz series, trainer to the stars Jeff Cavaliere will walk you through a step by step course he put together to get you your six pack abs! Once you’ve seen the results we’re sure you’ll get with the Blitz…we invite you to head over to http to get your complete system and get your entire body in great shape. With AthLEAN-X style training, you can now get your six pack abs in just 90 days using this training system developed by a physical therapist who trains pro athletes from all major sports. Now you can get that athletic, lean, and
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  1. Thank you for your helpful video, have you heard for smart599workout, I`ve heard so many good thinks about that workout. My friend got 6 pack abs, but he refuse to tell me how he achived that Sorry :(

  2. fitnesswithaaron says:

    great video, checkout my channel!

  3. TheZippy87 says:

    i want to get abs ASAP, gonna do this thank you!

  4. alfihnorris says:

    hello ! athlean-x team is it better to do the workout 3 times per week or 5 times per week, i was feeling my abs getting much stronger when i was doing the 3 times per weak and getting and feeling more results than when i was doing it 5 times a week . i m a bit lsot what do you suggest ?

  5. ArcticRhino says:

    So what to eat befor and after etc ? I can do these exercises and get results without having to lose weight?

  6. nsgsniper says:

    15 im and im 5’11, 145lbs, and i have some stomach fat that i really want to get rid of, i play basketball and im really athletic, and i used to do lots of ab workouts but it never got me a six pack, can you tell me some stuff i can do to get lower bodyfat.

  7. Ilikejogging says:

    Hi JDC, I’m 14 and i’ve been using some of your exercises in my workouts (not the ones with weights though). Is it ok for me to use them? I workout 3 times a week with mainly body weight exercises for my back, chest and legs (pull ups, push ups, squats etc). I use dumbells for my shoulders and biceps and I use dips for my triceps, crunches, your X man thing and the bicycle for my abs, aswell as crunches and the bicycle for my obliques. I also jog and swim for cardio. Do you have any tips for me?

  8. Bobabadabadabada says:

    DId you ever end up doing six pack saturday?

  9. Avilash8sahoo says:

    Dude its amazing the way you make us understand..
    Kuddos to you….

  10. megaguitar01 says:

    @JDCav24 What if i have a layer of fat over my abs shuld i strt this program or just leave it till i get the ft away

  11. this really works!..do it 5 times the week u start

  12. mw2lover72151 says:

    Do these workout’s also burn the fat hiding your abs ?

  13. hunkyjelly says:

    with heels to the heavens – i cant seem to lift my back off the floor, could someone give me some suggestions please?

  14. ps3killer910 says:

    should i do this 1 time in a weak πŸ˜•

  15. SaimKhan77 says:

    for how long do we need to do it to see the results ?? i mean not six but atleast 2 or 4 packs ?

  16. itsfrank256 says:

    @arse14nal Yeah, it does. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be, at least that’s how I’ve been doing it.

  17. 123Useless456 says:

    i want an 8 pack! πŸ˜€

  18. CanadianWNBF says:

    Thanks for the video, its really helpful

  19. @itsfrank256 i was wonderin about the same thing. Circuit makes more sense right?

  20. @JDCav24 and if i do a pushup system everyday .. is the chest and shoulders are not subjected too ??

  21. hey man jus a quick question do we do the exsercises as a circuit likie do the 2 sets n then move n to the exercise….or do we do one set of exercise one n then one set of exercise two etc n then wen we are all done with those do the circuit again ? pls reply its very importanrt to me

  22. itsfrank256 says:

    Are these workouts straight sets or meant to be done in a circuit?

  23. r u supposed to work out abs every day or every second day? cause some people say they are like anyother muscel, and others are like abs are different :( confused…

  24. TheMadBlackGamer says:

    @JDCav24 Do I see a Home Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Arms, or Back Workout Blitz coming soon. Lol! Just messing with you but I like these workouts, lot of hardwork you put into the series and I love it. Thanks Jeff.

  25. theguy782 says:

    @schmatever thanks. yea ive started HIIT workouts and they seem to help a lot. This is the sole thing I get from cardio and my muscles from workouts happen to be increaseing pretty large but of course theres no tone yet because of the body fat percentage in my body (im guessing). But i do it every other day with the weight training and cardio every day. On the off day for weighttraining my cardio is running for 20 minutes with 5 minutes doing full force, 2 mins walking so on and so forth.

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