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Click here to get abs: sixpackshortcuts.com In this video, I show you another simple yet effective workout to do from home. I use a few of my favorite pushup variations in this one, as well as a simple dumbbell exercise to work your shoulders. sixpackshortcuts.com PS — Use this link to share this video with your friends! youtu.be
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  1. MrDizzydanny says:

    I just did 4 sets in under 10 mins and now my biceps are burning and chest not so much.I think i did something wrong in the workout, anyways thanks for the workout, keepem comeing.

  2. tony77tony77 says:

    this guy is BS!!!

  3. spam1712 says:

    guys where can i find this music

  4. trinhthiduong says:

    Yo, have you seen this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look it up on google). My dad says it helps people get thinner.

  5. DreamLora says:


  6. botiroti1 says:

    hey so i got an issue here, everyone says to inhale/exhale with the rep cycle so how do u need to breath with these slow reps???

  7. megamunchit2008 says:

    I have the same problem as you. If you ever find a solution, can you tell me what you did?

  8. themefromparis says:

    @onlytch you are correct. I was looking everywhere for the best way to put on huge muscles mass. But I saw a video which helped me fix 2 simple mistakes nearly everyone makes. just follow what video is saying to you here ==> bit.ly/Mbcugd?=ofxohs

  9. 555banzai says:

    how many times a day would you recommend to do this exorcise drill? and what is the best time of day to do this for maximum effect, if there is any?

  10. Vein109 says:

    nice maths bro

  11. lionboy345 says:

    I accidentaly kiss the floor everytime I try to do a Dynamic Push up

  12. PRTluvable says:

    its mother fuckin goku

  13. lionboy345 says:

    I Only Need To Workout My Left Arm Because The Right Arm Is Too Busy Masturbating

  14. Hadouken471 says:

    If you want REAL non-profit advice search Scooby1961…

  15. xplay55 says:

    LOL i didnt even notice!

  16. The00Mustang says:

    try working that one side out a little more then the other!

  17. TheDailyDigest says:

    Dumbbells man, they’re the miracle workers for fixing non-symmetrical muscles 😀

  18. danie2332123 says:

    Guys, what is Rep-Ranges?

  19. TheFitnessrehab says:

    Check out my great home fitness viedeos and flexing on my page!!

  20. VibrGames says:


  21. 30k2cap says:

    dont do tons of weight cause it can actually stun your growth, your body is still growing give it time before you go to hard.

  22. Ronnoc517Productions says:


  23. Ronnoc517Productions says:

    @123SaulC stop mastrebating

  24. I’m 15 years old and I do about a 15-20 for 10 reps of curls. Because curls are hard :(.

  25. andarks says:

    Great video man. I starting doing this routine since 3 weeks ago. But does it matter if you do the underhand front raises standing?

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