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HOME AB WORKOUT SIX PACK ABS how to get six pack abs six pack workout, 6pack abs workout Victor Costa is considered by many to be one of The Best Trainers in the World. visit Vic @ www.vicsnatural.com
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  1. 1DiegoLara says:

    i just tried these to´╗┐ see if i could feel it, i did ten exactly like you and yeah i feel my abs ­čśÇ

  2. vicsnatural says:

    So the debate ensues about eating. I am delighted to put up any posts that stirs debate. It is good to have a different perspective from everyone. However, when´╗┐ it comes to eating. The debate as I see it is which is more important eating “right” or training. There is a great understanding between men and women that I believe we can all agree, “garbage in – garbage out”. This goes for the mind – and the body. It is not a judgmental statement it simply elementary. Love your body- Peace all,Vic

  3. MrThibault6969 says:

    i never see good training´╗┐ video like your’s ….keep going ! :)

  4. reeceyfezza says:

    Great´╗┐ videos. They have helped me a lot.

  5. amazingGrace108 says:

    this is what i would call conscious bodybuilding.nice to hear you mention prayers instead of´╗┐ steroids vic.most of the guys out there are to vain to even consider where their strength is coming from.Praise be to God.Thank you Vic, you inspire me.

  6. TheincredibleJosh says:

    If you think that this excersice is tough, buy his mp3’s and you’ll see how fast you will gain muscle. I tell that because I have his mp3’s and in less than a month I saw the reasults! keep up the good work Vic and thank you for sharing´╗┐ your experience with us!

  7. RandomJonne says:

    thank you for tips i already have sixpacks but there were lot of things that i didnt know´╗┐

  8. Press 7 every second for sitton on top´╗┐ ;’] lmaoo

  9. You are a´╗┐ genius Vic! Never hade a burn i my abs like this. Im telling you ppl, do what this guy says! =)

  10. vicsnatural says:

    You go´╗┐ by the feeling and sensation. Bodybuilding is about sensation. Vic

  11. TheTobbius says:

    @vicsnatural how should you know if you dont counting reps? It also´╗┐ include the one arm triceps extension?

  12. vicsnatural says:

    It really has more to do with keeping the lower back on the floor and the pelvis toward the ceiling. Just to keep things even, and of course, the abs tilt slightly so you want to do everything you can to have a´╗┐ balanced physique, do the same amount of reps on each side.

  13. mkiller5555 says:

    great video´╗┐ i felt it the first time i did it thank you

  14. MrSuperbizzle says:

    how often do you go to´╗┐ the gym? And on average, how long do sessions last?

  15. ProjctAce331 says:

    Vic, you with, I feel like one day I might just look like the person with the body I want. You really know your stuff and it´╗┐ is immensely helpful. Thank you. Keep making more videos so that everyone can continue using your exercises and stay fit!!

  16. vicsnatural says:

    Last one- of you can- alcohol and´╗┐ packaged/processed foods. Vic

  17. This is a great tip , thumbs up ! Thank you ;´╗┐ – )

  18. MsIslam4ever says:

    thanks a lot ^_^
    the Q is: when I left my leg, how much should I do?
    can I do 100 with each´╗┐ time I left a leg?

  19. dude ur great, my´╗┐ girlfrend loves these

  20. hey vic, PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION, can you tell me what are the top 5 things you stay away from the most? i know fryed food,´╗┐ excess sugar, white breads, anything fastfood and soda. anything else? please & thanks

  21. ENGAGE´╗┐ them people…… ENGAGE, the key word.

  22. shadowkill546 says:

    You sound like a psychologist. I am convinced by your logic and conviction. ´╗┐

  23. karakartal says:

    OMG this is crazy´╗┐ vic. my abs are burning !!!!

    btw do you have something for the love handles?

  24. Lol you´╗┐ never disapoint

  25. Great tips. Felt the burn sooner with one leg´╗┐ down then 2 legs up. Thanks!

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