How can a girl get a six-pack?

Question by GinaBina16 ♥ ツ: How can a girl get a six-pack?
I’m a 15 year old girl and im very athletic but i want to look more toned and get very nice abs. What can I do to get a sick-pack? Also, ho w can I get more muscular arms and calves??
Thank you!
I want a six-pack and strong arms because I play field hockey and run track and want to become stronger in the sports I play.

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Answer by Reem
girls dont get 6 pack they get a flat stomach

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  1. hmmm…i say yuck!!! But im going to help you anyway

    8 Ways to build great forearms (eliminate chicken limbs)

    Chicken Legs Syndrome (part 2) How to beat it?

    Effective 6pac building techniques

  2. †ruchoo says:

    why would you want that..strong arms for a girl not sexy

  3. Hey Reem, if girls don’t get 6 packs why do all those female gymnasts and bodybuilders have 6 packs? lol I suggest you join a gym and start working out with weights. Do a basic bodybuilding routine. Don’t worry about getting too muscular, girls don’t produce enough testosterone to get massive without steroids. To get a nice 6 pack do crunches and leg raises but your bodyfat percentage has to be pretty low in order to see the muscles underneath. Good luck and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that muscular girls aren’t attractive. Lots of muscular girls work out at my gym and the guys are crazy about them, including me.

  4. men dont want a girl to have a six pack. they find it manly, they like toned.

  5. cpl_fulks_wife says:

    Reem, that is false. Girls have the same muscle structure that guys do!! We all have abdominal muscles. Muscles can do the same thing in men and women, men just have testosterone that makes them bulk up. Do cardio and ab workouts everyday. even though there may not be much there, there is a layer of fat over your abs that you can burn off some to help show your muscle tone better. The more you work them, the better they will show. Weight training also helps build your core muscles. You don’t have to go kill yourself at the gym lifting big huge weights like boys do, just use dumbbells and do standing dead lifts (use 2 15-20 pound dumbbells, put them on the floor in front of you and them lift them both up to your waist at the same time, bending over with them to about your ankles. do this 15-10 times in 3 sets), do crunches, do push ups! Look up ab workouts on the net. Never let anyone tell you because you’re a girl you can’t get muscle!!

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